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Vol I Chapter 10, Gold Teeth

Dong Si a hot pot shop, filled with  Diners, water vapor in the pot, and loud push Cup to change order.
We picked a corner table to sit, big gold teeth give me wine, I thought this guy was trying to get me drunk my China, then quickly stopped him: "Jin Ye, this pot was so strong, I amount to good beer. 
Talking while eating, the topic comes to the bucket thing, big teeth opened his mouth, fingertips knocked his gold teeth said to us: "two ye your eyes, gold teeth, is the subject of admission at the panjiayuan, scooped from the tombs of former Ming Folang of gold, in dumplings mouth pulled down. I'm not willing to sell down and put on your tooth. 
This person really, eat when picked nausea said, let no one eat, reluctant to spend money you say well. I hurried the conversation wanders, talk to him about something else.
Money slaves hand and art when pedestrians, we just talked some fengshui Tomb road, also said some in the Kunlun mountains when the engineer's story, heard big teeth amazed, for I admire complete prostration.
Before the big teeth zhua Zhuang Ding's father was Kuomintang, is a Hunan province surnamed CAI, master apprentice dug grave exhumation when knows very much, but for those who are looking for points of skill not learned. Because of his master CAI Feng Shui itself did not understand. Then in 12, farmer duck Lee invented in Luoyang Luoyang shovel, prior to that, they mainly smell with my nose, in order to keep the nose sensitivity, avoid alcoholic drinks and spicy things.
Iron Rod into the ground, pull out the nose to smell after, iron rod from the ground up odors in the soil, and with the texture of the soil, underground is void, or wood, masonry, the feel is certainly different.
Principles of this and hit with a Luoyang shovel soil, but a smell with my nose, one with eyes. Luoyang shovel up dirt, can see the underground soil components, if there is any tile, wood, cloth sheets, Tin, silver, copper, iron, lead, mercury, including rammed earth, bricks, and so on and so on, these are all proof of underground catacombs, you can use these clues to infer age and layout of the underground tomb structure.
But this craft smell the big teeth have been lost here, he legs with disabilities, and congenital asthma since his childhood, will no longer do touch gold was captain. Dry line, has seen a lot of the real thing, with this vision, the antiques business.
I joked to said you ancestors this craft tide has points, I listening to I home of elders said some pour bucket of things, real of master, no with iron soldering Luoyang shovel of, that are is stupid enrollment, has skill of people go to a at, took eye a see, on know underground have Tomb Raider, buried in what location, what structure, these a eye on can see to. Feng Shui perfect, there shall be a great Tomb, buried inside, all is not the average person, this tomb is a treasure. Luoyang shovel the stuff, real connoisseurs are dismissive, because the underground soil if dry enough, the effect is greatly reduced, especially those rich in the South, large rainfall and many tombs were drowned in groundwater, underground soil is washed a mess.
Big teeth I heard hype to me was praised: "Hu Ye, I served, saying saying, chaowen said die in the evening, listen to your comments, I did not live so old. You both know Feng Shui, and worked as an engineer and know the talents of civil engineering jobs, is rare, but not impossible, do you have the knack or touch gold Captain shame. 
I shook my head and said: "that wicked thing, I'm not going to do. I just said that they are listening to my grandfather's, and he also did touch gold captain, results with large dumplings, almost caught it. 
Big teeth says the risk is certainly there, carried on several black donkey hooves are not afraid and are called Goodfellas, inverted bucket is a bad name, it is because three abuse of corrupt thieves, they are not the people in the line, do not know how to rule, destructive mess everywhere, it can not hate you? Bucket of history to back up, I'm afraid more than more than 3,000 years, when the three kingdoms when Cao Cao forces, excavating tombs of property specifically for full pay, we have touch gold captain's nickname.
Solutions to the former, this line is divided into first, second, third of four schools, the modern, talent wither, had nothing left to a few people, only several people were virtually washed his hands. Those Juniors now, is what the country free Han, a bunch of a flocked to dig dug grave grave. Where know what line within two different takes, sanxiang three blows to touch the golden rule, alas, how many good things are destroyed in their hands.
Big teeth sighed for a moment and said to us: "my years at panjiayuan and sell stuff, you if there is anything good in the future, I can give you is responsible for contacting buyers, you go and talk about to give me a cut line. 
Fat people have been busy eating and drinking, and 80% have enough to eat, and suddenly remembered something, piece of jade was taken out to make big teeth for identification identification, look at how much money.
Big teeth looked at, on the nose and sniff a few times: "fat, and jade you but good, or at least no less than thousands of years of history, well ... ... Before may, before Tang dynasty should be. This above text is not Chinese, what will I see it out, certainly worth a lot of money, but not to determine the specific value, you'd better stay back in hand, or you may have lost too much. You got the piece of jade in which? 
Fat man says of his family's history to the spirits: "history says, but that children Motherless, a long story. I so with you said's, this block jade is I dad participate in jute riot when of veteran sent of, I Dad of that bit veteran is wild Division of first, big heads, with forces into Xinjiang of when, he of forces and a unit bandits suffered has, this help bandits is find died, PLA of first, heads side of guard mission can is eat cooked rice of did? No more than five or six minutes, he baishihao the bandits disappeared, cleaning up when a bandit who found the piece of jade, first head gave it as a memorial to my dad. This jade thing straight ahead, I do not know. 
We drink to break up until 12 o'clock, when parting, big teeth gave both of us a hook-like things, it more than an inch long, dark shiny, hard, and two carved seal character, shaped like a "touch of gold" Word. This object's age, like antiquities, made a hole at one end, wearing a red silk, can be hung around the neck as an ornament. Big teeth, said: "our buddy really hit it off, which is made of pangolin paw amulet, leave the two of you a thought, are free to panjiayuan and find me. Castle is not modified, green water flow, we shall meet again. 
My fat back to our rented a small cottage near the chongwenmen, drink too much wine, Corona TIDDLY slept until noon the next day.
Woke up lying in bed, staring at the low and high ceilings, I thought about a lot of things. Tomb Raider business, is not strange to me, I was sure to find some large mausoleums. Money is not the most important thing for me, said I don't give a damn whether the money, but life is full of contradictions, now I need the money too.
My parents were kept by the State, I have no family, feed themselves the family not hungry, but my brothers do the sacrifices on the battlefield, their parents who cherished the care? Doctor medication costs, and their younger brothers and sisters to school tuition with what little pension is not enough to eat.
On the battlefield, except me, everybody's got a reason never to die, end survivors is me, my life is a lot of fellow soldiers with his own life in Exchange for, what should I do for them now.
Fat also woke up, rubbed his eyes, and then I stared at the roof and said to me: "Lao Hu, what's on your mind? You do not say that I know, big teeth make you yesterday, didn't you? I heart itch, what's wrong with my twins? I'll wait for you a Word. 
I took out gold tooth amulet that: "what good you are the grandson when the fat man, he is doing business, non-profits get up early. Digging claws are three kingdoms Cao Cao weisuo touch gold school wear, so valuable he can feel free to send us? He is who we've got, trying to get some benefits. ���
Fat nasty: "I, early look at ya like birds, while I go to panjiayuan, throwing the big teeth and breaking down in a pit. 
In spite of this, but the two of us together, think I should take advantage of each other, had temporarily fallen out with him. My character is too impulsive, and do not consider the consequences, that grave robbers this way, Chairman Mao said that any coin has two sides, good things can turn bad, bad things can be turned into a good thing, that's dialectics.
There are countless treasures in tomb of the Kings, but can say some good things belong to the Tomb owner? Also comes from the people raking exploitation, is taken from the people, should be spent on the people, how can they stay with the bones sleep in the ground. To do it bigger, civil burials were also boring, most have nothing valuable things, and take the loss of people merits.
Touch gold from what I have heard my grandfather Captain rules, and the grave robbers is very different. Grave robbers are indiscriminate digging wild, thing to do, and what your loyal to him, what officials or ordinary people, who are, have no rules at all, even if there are farmers out of her own, is not a thing.
Touch gold Captain working large Tomb dug, a candle in the burial chamber in the Palace, in the southeast corner of azimuth, then opened the coffin to touch gold. Most valuable goods of the deceased, often wears on the body, some kings above the Tomb, is the Pearl mouth, covering gold, chest is also Hu Xin Yu, hands grasping a jade carving, and even the anus stuffed with gems. Do it yourself, cannot damage the remains of the dead, walked softly touched from head to foot, and finally left for dead two treasures. Before that, if the southeast corner of the candle goes out, it is necessary to get our hands on the property as it is put back, knock three head respectfully, and return by the same route.
With tales of some of the tombs are of soul, as to why they are not in circulation, for thousands of years has been left in the Tomb, it would have been hard to say, is likely to be loathe to give up his wealth, after death every day staring at his treasure, met to lay down not give fiscal advocate, is not something hard to grab it.
I who decided that his mother, touch gold was Captain! What conscience condemned, we when consciences were eaten by dogs, no, half eaten, well ... ... Is wrong. Might as well change the perspective, now 80, did not advocate dedication? Now turn to those nobles who devoted devotion that exploitation of the labouring people. But these dead wake low, don't expect to climb out of their own dedication, this kind of thing, we'll do it, their feudal ruling class of autumn, pick up the CA Mau, really busy.
Strategic directions identified, specific objectives, and how implementation will have to chew over.
In the tomb of the most popular in Henan, Hunan, Shaanxi, the three places, the tomb is not easy to find, and many people do not easily, but also to grow crops build houses as a cover, to do the best go to the mountains, inaccessible places.
If in the mountains, I have ever seen the Tomb, came in the first place is definitely niuxinshan. I when the countryside is too young, do not understand anything, with my experience of judgement, that the Tomb should be before the Northern Song dynasty. Tang dynasty, is a fashionable mountain-ling, which extend all the way to the early Song dynasty, after the Southern Song dynasty, power fade, no longer a Royal Tomb has a vast array of projects.
Fat man asked me, did you say niuxinshan haunted? Could find someone not haunted, we deal with the bear Savage did nothing, and encounter ghosts but don't know where to start.
I said, first of all, no ghosts in this world, may I told you last time I had a high fever of illusion and, secondly, this is the initial action, you do not have to begin first. Do you remember many people swallow their village: an antique? We came back to collect some sold, it will save me hard to toss a pulling.
The same day, two separate ready, fat to get rid of the rest of the tapes were, I went to the flea market to buy some necessary tools, flashlights, gloves, masks, candles, rope, water bottles, delighted me the most was bought two German engineers scoop, I took the field shovel in hand, feel like old friends.
This field shovel is Germany equipped mountain assault Division during World War II, was seized by the Soviet Union a lot, during the Sino-Soviet friendship, partly flowed into the territory of China. German field shovel are lightweight, can be folded and hang it on the waist, and excellent steel, let alone dig-dug rock, when it comes to risk, and can be used as a weapon to brandish, half a head will be able to cut off the enemy.
Only regret is not buying gas masks, the country that year when three civil also dispensed some 60 gas masks, the flea market sells can occasionally see, unfortunately didn't get to today, only later. Also lacks something, that can wait until the Gang Gang Camp prepare.
Spent a total of more than 1500 square, mainly the two spade too expensive, 610, price was killed, not down. Finally I just six dollars, this is very bad, no money to buy a train ticket!
Thanks to the fat guy that dumped all recordings, and rent our House back, three sold, that's almost enough traveling back and forth. Overnight to buy a train ticket, was not yet 18 years old when I left there, and haven't been back for more than 10 years, expect to see we haven't seen folks, we were both a bit excited.

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