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Candle in the tomb chapter 6: Nine Floor Phantom Pagoda

There, an avalanche caused by violent shaking, we broke open a tilt down the steep hillside in front of large joints.
Air swept through a snowstorm to, they may not want to, struggling to burst into the gaping cracks in the rocks, under the crack is very steep, but under such a big drop, five people doing a bunch of fell, rolled a few rolls down at the bottom of a hole.
Subsequently, after a huge skis, rolled down, blocking a seam perfectly, sparked numerous snow foam, makes five people kept coughing violently. Rumble rumble overhead rang for a long time to cool down, listen to the ring, do not know how many thousands of tons of snow covered above.
Be not in the dark, they survived, after a very long time before they began to talk, full of Northeast accent, one will know that it's big man: "can a sound of breathing, old Hu and Ga Wa, Liu Gong, Luogong, you are in? 
I feel almost fell apart, pain was temporarily unable to speak, hum only twice, that I was still alive.
Ga baby promised a, took out a flashlight and took photos around, luoning glassy-eyed and sitting on the ground, seem hardly injured Liu Gong down next to her, her eyes closed was unconscious, he broke his left leg Shank Bone, Bai Sheng half bones sticking out.
We fall in the mountains, and deep and narrow, torch lighting outside was dark, not knowing what the terrain in the distance.
Big men put hand Liu Gong breathing, shaking hands, saying: "finished up, gas is gone. 
I climbed past Liu Gong of the carotid artery is indeed heart is gone, then sighed, the big man said: "we are burying Liu Gong. 
I field shovel-dug pits, Ga baby aside stopped me, pointed to the underground: "insects, fire. 
Ga baby that reminder, I think of the devil as the Ladybug, teams a total of 14 people died in that soul-stirring a few minutes ten, it seems here, not literally mining knows there what the heck.
But companion should not be just on the outside, only a compromise approach. I use the flashlight lighting, Ga baby and big men in the vicinity picked up some on the broken stones covered in bodies of Liu Gong, he built a simple stone grave.
In this process, Luoning sat motionless on the floor, quietly watched the stone tombs of Liu Gong, and finally could no longer endure, Wow is heard crying out, suppressed in the heart of grief, such as burst their banks flooding released out.
I would like to advise her, but really didn't know what to say, was touched her cries, nose sore, the young man thought of last night, the team also gathered around the campfire singing military songs before, the loud song seems to resound in the ears, but today most comrades forever rest in the Kunlun mountains under the glacier.
I helped Luoning stood up together, Liu Gong and other comrades of silence. At that time no matter what the occasion, of the maoxuan should be invoked, I take the lead read: "sky were white, marched in the snow forced. 
The remaining three simultaneous voice: "head mountain, wind exhibition red flag over mark. Only the bitter sacrifice, dare to call the Sun and moon shine in the new day. 
Then they raised his right fist oath: "comrades, comrades, please feel free to go, some people's death a feather, some people died as heavy as mount Tai, and die for the interests of the people is weightier than mount Tai, you sacrifice is to the interests of the people. We must inherit the legacy of revolutionary martyrs, follow your footprint reddened by the blood, the great proletarian cultural revolution to the end, the final victory always belongs to our workers, peasants and soldiers. 
When I was a recruit Danzi, had never participated in his memorial service, I do not know what to say, so just remember meeting and say, in those situations, it's appropriate not appropriate.
For a long time for a long time, they calmed down from the pain, and had to deal with the wounds on, fortunately, are minor, and do not affect actions. Eat a few bites, biscuit, gather together, discuss what to do next. From snow Board down the Valley is out of the question, I guess the whole valley may have been filled by an avalanche, can now only find another outlet.
Ga Wa patted themselves empty bags of bullets, indicating that bullet is not much, we entered the hills because you are carrying a lot of equipment, is equipped with a minimum amount of ammunition, each only three rifle magazines, after all, is not a combat mission, this area has no bandits. When an avalanche and throw away some of the ammunition, now each average about 20 rounds of bullets, there are a total of two hand grenades. Underground should be no beast, bullets did not use enough defensive line.
Dry food is not, can just eat, eat, must try to find the exit in two days, or hungry starved to death in the underground. Unfortunately is the silver lining in luoning body even has a compass.
Mountain gap depth beyond imagination, and go toward the South after a came to an end, cracks of the Earth flipping to the North, who feel like come to the glacier below.
We walk in the dark for more than 10 hours, go to lower ground, underground and large space, luoning barometer survey and data conversion into a altitude pressure, only more than 400 meters, much different from Sichuan, far below the average of more than 4,000 meters above sea level in Qinghai-Tibet plateau, so go on, even to go to the Aurora.
Finally finally slow down ground, ears hear the sound of water rushing in, seems to be not far from the underground river. I see no more downhill, on a flashlight to illuminate around, want to see if the road up, suddenly found a flashlight out of the light, rock walls to produce a lot of weak light, shines on the numerous pieces of the mirror.
Luoning exclaim loudly: "is the MICA! 
Three other people listen to what she said mica, do not know what it is, but her tone was terrified, thinking it was an emergency, quickly behind in luoning, at top speed from the back and picked five or six semi-automatic rifles gurgle pull back the bolt several times, and prepared to fire.
Luoningqi: "what do you do? 
I gun guard asked luoning: "what public? Where is it? 
Luoning said, "not an animal, I mean, it is surrounded by Crystal mica and quartz usually grows in the same formation, Oh, and crystal. 
Is map of Loning are mainly responsible for surveying and mapping work, but often work with the prospecting team, for geological knowledge know that many around us appears like a sheet of glass crystals, is a monoclinic crystals, appear only at Pacific double rock, underground reserves in Hebei is very large. But the MICA color very dark here, takes the form of large six-party column. Quality far exceeded mainland-produced, MICA color depth from that point of view, the position in which we have won it is hard to imagine.
Luoning are attracted to rare MICA around, look at this and look at that piece, I picked up a small piece looked at, also see no places to rare.
When he heard the big man to the Ga child shouted: "Ga Wa what are you doing? Hurry up. 
I use the flashlight to a photo, Eva is to people on the ground see Ga kowtow, whole body lying on the ground, this kid doing? Who kowtow? I took photos in front of him, could not help but draw breath.
In underground was stands with a seat with thousands of root giant wood take into of "gold" glyphs wood Pagoda, Pagoda body bits of has countless Red Flash, take with those weak of Flash watch, Pagoda of base has nearly 200 meters wide, with mud stone ramming masonry and into, thousand years Cedar build into has Pagoda body, altogether is divided into nine layer, each layer are heap full has wearing strange costume of dry bone remains, men, women and children are has, each root big wood Shang are carved full has Tibetan of secret paper. This is the grave? Such a big, who is in the underground built?
Luoning are mica, heard about the three of us, and walk to the nearby to watch.
I big wave to let him not interrupt, continued GA child: "what is this Pagoda? It says do you know the word? 
Ga baby kept shaking his head.
I said, "baby, don't know you knock your head Ah, so many bones, you'll be scared silly? 
Ga baby panic all over her face, looking not very fluent Mandarin said: "Hu Ga bear, Oh you Oh, Oh, laerladuosi, nine ... ... Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda. 
He first part I did not hear, behind the four words heard clearly what Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda? What's it for? Is not burying it?
Before Ga baby talk, luoning ran from the Pagoda to creep back, we make a gesture not to make a sound, pointing to the tower behind whispered to us, don't make a noise startled them.
I saw her face solemn, knows there could be trouble, but I do not know what she refers to, then lowered his voice and asked, "what has alarmed? Tower of the dead? 
Luoning are extremely nervous and said: "no, is the kind of Ladybug with fire, sleeping in the dead body, and that many are not clear. 
Heard in Luoning, I notice, on a wooden Pagodas sprinkled with Red flashes are transparent ladybugs out upon.
Although I have some revolutionary heroic spirit, but think about that odd ladybug, I panic. This bio beyond common sense is too difficult to deal with, the tragic scene in the Valley I fear too strong.
I make a gesture, four of them quietly to the background back home. Not out of step, GA baby beneath his step and fell into a ditch.
Ditch hidden road parallel to the route with us, so we haven't found that. GOU has only one meter deep, Ga baby was boring the fall grunted, I jump off him, see Ga child clutching his foot, a look of agony all over her face.
Luoning and big men were also down to the gutter, the flashlight on a photo, find Ga baby feet were in a sharp white spur, even shoe foot wear a transparent hole, with sedition. Ditch all layers of a variety of animal bones, too many, it is difficult to estimate. Looks like the ditch should be cattle, horse, sheep, dog-like animal sacrificial pits.
In order not to disturb the nearby Pagoda of lady beetles, big Ga on her baby's mouth with his hand and wouldn't let him cry, I pulled out the plug on the bones in his foot, luoning will carry first aid kits in the Yunnan white powder sprinkled over his wound, took out a white bandage on his bandage to stop bleeding.
I hand Shang stained has Ga baby leg Shang of blood, readily in himself of uniform Shang random wipe has several put, brain in the suddenly Flash a idea, this seat horses burying pit dug have exceedingly odd, not square round, but dug growth long of ditch shaped, long ditch through that seat placed body of wood Pagoda, this shape just and Feng Shui secret operation in the mentioned of a name for "Awed" of layout similar, if is such, so in parallel of location Shang also should has a scale same of burying ditch.
Two Guardsmen gully parallel gripping the wooden Pagoda of the Tomb, long beads, constitutes the second trend, according to so infer next to the ditch should be masters before his death with some of the artifacts in the Tomb. Just do not know the two bury ditches is artificial, is a natural formation, the latter is more likely.
Loud River flows nearby, judging from the river rapids are in the Northwest, which is behind the Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda building there is an underground river, because the Dragon is without water.
If I thought so, then this is the map of the underground world in my mind a long time ago, just need to find a sacrificial trench in order to confirm my convictions.
Gave my shoulder a big push: "Old Hu, what's that? 
I was lost in thought, was he pushed it back to God, I asked luoning: "Lo, do you estimate we are here? Probably somewhere on the map? 
Luoning compass reference map is used to calculate it, pondered the question for a moment and said: "we're underground kept heading north for more than 10 hours, speed as we speculate, long past the head of the glacier should be faster out of the Kunlun mountains. 
I said I just thought, if go back, can only return to the avalanche covered the mountain gap, if I guess right, we walked along the underground river, should be able to have a way out. But doing so risks following from the Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda through, this is a death in the live programme.
Four the total number of people, and think it is fraught with danger, but it is worth a try, but I decided to find a sacrificial trench will confirm.
Up front, I asked Ga baby, what is the Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda.
Ga baby Chinese said have is hard, told has half I finally listening to understand has some, in he of home blood Wei, also has a seat and this seat Nine Layer Demon Floor completely as of remains, legend this "Nine Layer Demon Floor" is Ancient Magic Country history Kings mausoleum of funeral form, Magic Country perish of when, that seat Tomb has was hero grid El King destroyed, in HID to plateau only left a heap rotten wood shelf, and herdsmen mouth heritage down of narrative poetry, in generations praises with grid El King like Sun General unparalleled of Wu Xun.
Tibetan herdsmen after traces of time, worship, singing epic. It's not afraid of the Demon King's Tomb, but in order to express the respect of King Gesar. Ga baby says something about religion, I do not understand, that wisp of bugs is resting in the tomb of the dead is not known.
I stay in Luoning, three people, their crawling, and oxen sacrificial trench more than more than 100 meters of the place, and sure enough there was another sacrificial trench, there are leather boots and classical Tibetan in ancient wood, ancient Mongol Wen Mudu, painted wood and gold ornaments, Mudie, wooden wing, wooden animals, bronze, food and a lot of silk and other grave goods.
I infer that there's nothing wrong, Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda behind the building of the underground rivers linked with the outside world, then back into the animals bury ditches called three others.
I'm leading the way, big guns behind me, followed by Ga Wa, thorn in his foot does not light, luoning helped him walk behind.
Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda building is huge, underground cavity was extremely broad, but the tower and on both sides of the large MICA almost blocked the road to the North, only a very narrow place barely passable on both sides.
We nervously from under the wooden Pagoda and see those flashes of flame breath of ladybugs in the Pagoda, and felt her heart jump from my mouth come, Pagoda 200 metres away, every step of the the distance seems so far away.


Fire LadyBug, there stangeness this ladybug could live or staying live under the Snows but died under the water?, even FireFlies not easy to die if hit by rain, I want to rename it as Plasma LadyBug/ PlasmaBlue LadyBug/ Blue LadyBug, Eventualy I left it as it "Fire LadyBug"

Nine-Floor Phantom Pagoda, it said many times as wood Pagoda with Fire LadyBug this Pagoda suposed already burn to ashes very long time ago more correct I think it's Stone Pagoda ( made from stone (stone brick, stone pillar) and mud or mud brick little)

I think more thriller as they out the river and finds that ladybug cling in thier body or cloth and suddenly light up burn the body they cling

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