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Ghost Blows Out The Light: Chapter 4, KunLun Iced Fontain

In spring of that year, tall because of the Chinese Government feels threatened by international hostile forces, the ongoing strategic realignment, the army expanded preparations against famine, digging deep, wide grain product, the people who actively engaged in anti-nuclear air raid of three walkthroughs.
Someone told me when I returned to visit relatives inside, soon my parents will be the composition of clarification, my grandfather is not a landlord, his compositions are the Middle peasants, so they are released is sooner or later. At this time due to the people's Liberation Army a lot of conscription, my father had a veteran asked me when the "back door" recruitment.
Friends of my dad Uncle Chen was the military's Chief of staff. When IX Corps entered the Korean war, snow, gaimagaoyuan, a hundred thousand of volunteers surround us best in the Marines first division. US air force threw a number of aerial bombs, napalm, sky as night became day, risking US troops fire barriers consisting of steel curtain, volunteers like flood, launching wave after wave of assault ... ...
In that brutal battle, my father risked more than 20 degrees below zero at low temperature, uncle Chen sustained serious injuries in my back from the dead, and when it comes to medical aid station, the two bodies be his blood freeze together, flesh only nurses use scissors to break apart. Their friendship has not measured by toll four words, and my parents ' history is about to be solved, now arranged old son joined the army, Chief of staff of a partition is not so difficult.
Uncle CHAN asked me what I wanted to be a player's soldiers, and says I want to be air force pilots heard the meals is good. Uncle Chen smiled and gave me a brain continued: "fighter which is so easy to drive. You guys gave me to the field armies to take exercise several years, dry, and then transferred to the military authorities to work you. "I'll come back to work, I prefer to stay in the army, the Office used.
Ying Zi and Xiao Pang, Gang gang, wanted to go back to swallow them farewell, but time does not allow, you wrote a letter to them felt pretty bad about myself forces when a soldier, made a good friend in ravine in a line, what can I say also could not hold the same sense of adversity. But three months after I had lost this feeling, then I know that when youth are more comfortable in the mountains.
I recruitment arrangements to do a facelift for the Panzer forces, did not think of quirks, just boot camp for three months in the doldrums, the Central Military Commission order, this unit was transferred to the Qinghai-Tibet plateau to Kunlun 62 team Depot, the Division into the Corps.
It said it is also not surprising, is the country's forces are digging there was civil air defense construction, various hole---air defences, ammunition storage, strategy, hidden, and so on, little dig troops of the whole army, the difference is that my unit by an amateur digging into career dig. Our mission is to level confidential, in the depths of the Kunlun mountains to build a large underground strategic facility, although not explicitly telling soldiers the usage of those facilities, but everyone with half a brain should be able to guess a little. Troops there are confidentiality, so we usually talk about this matter. Rumours have also completed the engineering tasks, we would also like to be allocated back to the field army in the sequence.
Kunlun, also known as the Kunlun pass at 4767 m, a geological point of view belongs to "frozen desert geomorphology" are strongly corrosive complex qualitative changes in ancient rocks that are formed. We are from top to bottom, besides digging trenches outside know nothing about civil engineering construction, so the army sent a lot of engineers technicians to guide our work, to a five-month intensive training officers and men. My class just as the advance to the South through the ice-free spring into: home team took the lead in the deepest part of the Kunlun mountains, our task is to find suitable for the construction of concealed places.
Not cold springs is located in the North Bank of the Kunlun, also known as Kunlun mountain springs, granite walls, clear spring water in a pool years kept pouring out, even if the cold winter is never frozen, who does not know where springs now leads. Superior message discipline, ordered the soldiers to not bathe here, because the local Tibetans as the ice-free spring as Shen Quan, often springs worship. Before Tibet was liberated when, into the possession of soldiers passing through, then these provisions haven't been released, three soldiers bathing in the springs, has been drowned in the spring, the cause of death was said to be because the water contains large amounts of nitrate sulfonic, their tombs in the depot not far away from here, our team finally depots are also located there.
Finally in the Kunlun mountains, almost all of them had serious altitude sickness. Everyone's face almost turned purple, eyes grew Dim, we all seem to be having a hallucination. Thousand hills, the towering Kunlun mountains among thousands, as one roll of silver-grey Dragon, and our support team consisting of more than 10 people in this powerful endless mountains than a little Ant.
Took me on the way March passed down from grandfather's book, the book said on Kunlun mountain peaks 5,000 is the progenitor of Dragon in the world, these mountains from the Pacific era until now, does not know how many secrets buried inside, according to Tibetan legend of heroic King gesar of Ling Tower and the gateway to the magic country is hidden among the rolling hills.
Advance team's task was to find a suitable location, accompanied by the two engineers and a mapping, a geological exploration, abandoned the vehicle and then traveled for two days in the mountains, at dusk the next day we took tents resting, lead clouds floating in the sky of a smattering of snowflakes, snow came at night.
Four engineers and technicians were wearing glasses that intellectuals, including one woman. They are not adapted to the harsh environment of the plateau, lying panting in a tent, listen to that voice makes me worried for their small body.
Leader leader and monitor health workers three busy pouring their water pills, telling them to eat something, eat less more oxygen.
Soldiers strong, recruitment of experienced camp ten kilometres a day when armed cross-country trials, are better able to adapt to the environment, and basically has been slightly adapted to hypoxia environment. Soldiers with a special white briquettes fuel lit a campfire, huddled for warmth, eat half raw noodle and biscuit, because of high altitude, water does not open, dry noodles cooked only half cooked.
Several comrades and I get more familiar is the Northeast Heilongjiang "big", the Tibetan Army of Tibetan soldiers "GA WA" and only 16 year old signalman Kobayashi in Jilin. We finished two three stuttering noodles, gasping for breath to rest, feeling on the plateau have a meal made by effort, more than armed cross-country March across the Plains.
Kobayashi had a rest for me said: "Hu Ge you in town to join the army, know how, to tell our story? 
Big Echo: "Oh, I say, is too rare to hear you chatter, thieves pulled fun, anyway, while the whole thing banwuhui or rest in advance, first gay chatter for a while. 
Eva Han GA not agile way of putting it, but understand, also tried to say something, Zhang long mouth, Leng wouldn't remember what to say, simply waved his hand to me, I estimate that is roughly what you speak, I listen.
I spit tongue and said: "the air is so thin, you'd be such a great spirit? Come on, comrades wanted to hear, I'll be vernacular for a, later classes will monitor give me shoes, you may have to intercede to help me anyway. 
Why do I say this, because our monitor I see not very pleasing to the eye, he was recruited from the rural areas, endured five years in the army as the girl when the last little monitor. In particular, he could not understand my offspring of the "back door", a meeting he called me in the class statement, I was caught I speak vulnerability criticizes in Chase, almost form a fixed rule, Ah me, forget it.
But tell me something good? I have read the book do not add up to ten copies, maoxuan four books, quotations from a book, a dictionary, the Red Sun is a book, the year guards are one. But these are to tell them no, and the Feng Shui secrets, I don't think they understand.
Racking my brain, is thought to the countryside when a book borrowed from the Tian Xiaomeng, is a popular folklore manuscript, this manuscript Plum Party's story-oriented content, was one of the many anecdotes in the community at that time, including 100 beauty skin story, impressed me deeply.
The beginning of the story, takes place in a car on the train from Beijing to Nanjing, Zhao pingping of female college students back to Nanjing to visit relatives was aboard the train, passengers sitting across from her was a handsome young army officer, two intentionally or unintentionally trying to chat up. Zhao pingping was dumped by the young officer's demeanor and conversation, in conversation, that he has a good family environment, highly educated, Zhao pingping even began to fantasize about marrying each other. Unconsciously arrived in Nanjing railway station, officer Zhao pingping to sit down in a restaurant near the train station, officer to a call at dinner time, came back and took out a letter entrusted to Zhao pingping for help sent to his home in Nanjing, have an urgent task to get back to his own forces, therefore, I would be able to go home. Zhao pingping agreed without hesitation, then two of them reluctantly, respectively.
Zhao pingping went to officer's House to deliver the next day, she was an old woman, old woman out to read the letter again and warmly home Zhao pingping, gave her a cup of tea. Zhao pingping drank some tea and chatting with the old lady a few words, suddenly feeling around Venus, collapsed to the ground.
A bucket of freezing cold water wake up Zhao pingping, she finds herself naked and tied down to a strip one stool, walls are covered with skin. Several people standing around, it was the old woman and several of her big guy. She took the letter to the Zhao pingping eyes make her look, just one sentence: "delivers 100th beauty skin, please check. "The old woman said with a sneer:" you die to happen, you know, we are all covert agent, Peel the skin of a woman is to load explosives. Have to prepare for 100 people, today I finally get the regular offerings. "Then took out a knife over to one of his brakes, brake knife is designed to peel with a special knife, the big fellow in Zhao pingping head cut with a knife, her screams ... ...
I just say cozy and was interrupted by the second monitor was coming: "tell me, tell me. Army Day, you're fabrications, now opening seminar, your little mouth do not like to say, we let you speak first not in the lie? 
I stand up a stand at attention, learning to monitor accent answered him: "no, no, I lie? Wheels turn to the GA WA said, is the Socialist principle of equality. 
Second monitor said: "Comrade Hu, why is it you whom? I tell you not to talk to me, I was class President, I let you say you say, what not to talk about absolute egalitarianism does not lie? 
I looked around a few comrades, they have to be serious to sit and wait for me to speak, GA baby monitor does not note that the tongue at me. These pieces of material, too loyal. Now only to find yourself under the stairs: "drill sergeant, what today we talk about the content? You haven't said it yet, you don't say how do we speak? 
When instructors came, instructor Li more than 30 years old, of medium build, is a very gentle one, is a veteran of more than 10 years, he treated soldiers is very good, no shelves, came to us and said: "comrades in a meeting? I have to listen to. 
Second monitor and quickly offered a gift to instructors, instructor put a hand that you continue, don't let me influence you in the discussion.
Two low level monitor, see instructor on the side was particularly nervous, don't know what to say, he may think that singing is relatively simple, so the soldiers said: "comrades, we sang a revolutionary Wakako to raise our spirits, not lie? 
Soldiers answered in unison: "swollen! "Instructor beside almost music aloud and quickly pretended to cough twice to hide.
Second monitor but didn't hear what was so funny, stern raised his hands up, make music movements: "comrades, I, Ah, er er lang Shan, set, sing. 
"Two Erlang mountain, even if you aim, the PLA made Han, determined to make a break, not afraid of the wind to blow, not afraid of the snow blowing, take the highway, to that of Tibet. 
Sky of snow more Xia more big, more than 10 name soldiers of Chorus sound echoed in Kunlun mountain sky flew of snow among, also not know is vast of mountains snow foil has songs of majestic, also is army people of song dotted has Kunlun mountain of desolation lonely, time on even addition a seat tent in the of several engineers also are was song attract, forget has plateau reaction, in song in the looked with distance endless of mountain assailed.

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