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Ghost blows out The Light: Chapter 7, Dragon King Salamander

Finally rub had Nine layer Demon floor, forward go has not to 200 step, suddenly feet a soft, like is stepped on to has what huge of animal, I with flashlight a as, feet is a only has never didn't see had of huge reptiles, it spit with long long of tongue, colour and ground of color is close, like somewhat like is monitor lizards, and somewhat like crocodile, but no so rough of epidermal, and Qian Kiss no lizard so sharp, long have compared round, tongue like snake as, and red and long, front points a fork, body skin dark, Covered with chunks of white spot, described from the appearance, is basically a only Super Frog with a long tail.
Fearless in my life, but is afraid of this disgusting thing, frighten me shrink to the big man behind, who saw the strange animal, also jumped. Soldiers only partners you can rely on is the gun, his instinctive reaction shot, snap POPs a spot, that reptiles and twist a few times, to die.
When the last of Luoning came, took one look at the dead animals on the ground and heaved a sigh to tell us: "this is a salamander living in underground, eating live insects and ephemera, not to hurt people. 
I don't feel bad killing an animal, I worried about the big man abruptly fired, will wake up worms in the Pagoda. His mother, who had had the misfortune, sipping cold water fill teeth, Nine-floor Phantom Pagoda Ladybug apparently by gunfire in the building, alarm, numerous light blue fireball lighted up.
Whole underground space is light reflected into the blue, the wooden Pagoda was lit, the fire was burning and hundreds of ball of fire came toward us, such a large fire, we didn't feel any heat, but feel chilly, Teeth chattering.
Big man sees ominous out armed with two grenades to pull plug on string threw fried balls, I get a hold of his hand: "throw a heart, give us a glorious play, I don't want the demon fire death. 
Our wooden handle hand grenade is the standard infantry equipment, used metal into cylinders on the top, below is a wooden handle, thrown, energizes the explosives inside metal debris killing enemies, power is not very strong.
Big man left a hand grenade, I took another one, see a lot of ball has bounced, unplug fuse, smoke grenades cast Blat from the Blat from the outside.
A grenade out of a cloud of white smoke, flying more than 10 in front of a blue fireball hit by shrapnel of the explosion, fall to the ground off, but more balls from the back in droves.
Luoning first, and the remaining three, rear, withdraw with semi-automatic rifles in the hands of play, each more than 20 rounds of ammunition, no less than two minutes to play his shirt.
Want to deal with those weird Ladybug formed Blue fireball, can shoot, and had some contact with them, will start the fire and burned. No bullet rifle, rather than burning sticks work well.
Big man to throw away rifle, took his last grenade, I shouted: "Old Hu, it's time, not the whole? 
Luoning holding GA and I baby, four of them form a circle, hand grenade Pack big man in the Middle, I stared at the hand grenade in front of, as long as the big man pulling the strings, after a few seconds it will crash.
Finally the moment has finally arrived.
I have no time to think about it too much at this time, is those fireballs is drawing near, no time to think, and secondly because I worry too much death will become weak. I always wanted to do the super hero Yang Gensi, but did not die in battle, but ambiguously in the Kunlun mountains came under the end of life, really can not be reconciled, I cross my heart, let the big man detonated a hand grenade.
Luoning already closed her eyes tightly to die, she suddenly thought of something, suddenly stood up and pulled us: hear what the water sound so loud, here is near the underground river, we jump into the river. 
Just shoot, ready with hand grenades after suicide, early thing thrown in the underground river behind, didn't hear the rumbling sound of water in a flurry, luoning said, it also go, if they can advance jumped into the River, those balls while ill, but also how we could be.
Before you could say Jack Robinson, thousands of blue ball is near at hand, the four survivors survive, desperately run to the roar of the water Department.
Listen to the water, the distance is more than 10 meters away, we ran a few steps, through the underground cavity at the end of the turn of, appears to be a large waterfall, small waterfall has a large natural underground lake.
I haven't had time to look at, cardio-a hot, catch the heart flexible liver pain, presumably balls have hit me on the back, as long as the coat with a small Mars, the flame soon engulfed the whole body, and death, still had time to think about, jump jump jump in the Lake.
Chaos have only big man on any of the three were on fire, the barking has leap into the Lake. My opposing into the water, and also was the Lake's blue flame goes out.
Fire and water do not mix much of the remaining bug seems to know the Lake, where only two or three meters away from the Lake wander, not rushing down the attack.
Me out of the water head for air, found big man also emerged, but no sign luoning and Eva two GA people. I'm afraid they don't swim like a duck, drowned in the Lake, a deep breath again dived into the water to save them, luoning already holds the GA children floating up from the Lake.
GA WA've never swam, jumped into the Lake and then fainted is choked with water, luoning see, dived into the Lake and rescued him, but drowning is not long, GA baby coughs a few saliva, and sober up.
Tibet customs are not allowed to bathe in the Lake for a swim, GA baby keeps nagging chant, asking forgiveness of the Buddha.
Above the Lake are numerous balls of light as bright as day, the four gathered together, although in early spring, but
This groundwater is not cold, but feel slightly warm, geothermal Lake formed by warm water in a Virgin.
Big man scolded: "MOM to three children, guns gone, sinking to the bottom of the Lake. 
I reminded him that said: "we all ran out of bullets, gun is useless, and now, we think of a way to quickly find his way out. You put your head down, be careful with those bugs down. 
Big men don't trust those covered in bugs could be washed into the Lake of fire, grinning mouth smirk, his smile soon froze, thousands of flashing fireballs of Blu-ray is gradually gathering, forming a huge flame, washed down with a, he hastened back into the Lake.
My breath was about to go on, GA next to see baby stayed astonished, he naturally afraid of water, not dived into the Lake to avoid, I forced his head under water, and tugged at his arms swam to the deep.
Ball of fire hit dozens of meters in diameter, a touch the Lake, will inspire moisture transpiration. Fireballs, though large lake is wider, those ladybugs kamikaze suicide attacks will not work, have drowned in the water.
Dark at the end of the Lake, but was the top light is reflected, can barely see more than 10 meters under water environment. Big fish in me a deep water swimming slowly, these fish and I've seen completely different, big fish very long whiskers, like salmon, because living in a dark environment, eye has degenerated, leaving only two spots.
I was surprised by these big fish like jump, had some saliva, then GA baby hands and feet kicking above the already could not close up, struggling to swim up for air, just suddenly dark down at the end of the Lake, I guess those bugs has been dead almost, GA baby swimming on the Lake.
A ladybug's body floating on the Lake, no spark, is full of dark, my big man shouted: "big man, do you have a flashlight? 
Big man replied, "is lost, what is left, but this time we walk in the dark. 
Suddenly, luoning also emerged from the Lake, rubbed wiping on the water, her other hand holding a flashlight turned military: "I took the last two, has been installed in the Pocket, and never fell into the bottom of the Lake. 
They pulled each other to climb up the Bank, feel tired and hungry, have no energy any more action, more than 10 hours without food, let alone the flesh, even if we were of iron, even could not support.
Big men and dancing put a fish back into the Lake with a bayonet, casually shaved scale a fish, cut into several pieces, I first tasted it, raw fish tastes OK, not too fishy, just slightly bitter, chewing a few bites felt sweet. Eva said only GA refused to eat anything.
Three men hungrily ate a big fish, I feel a little hoot, then the big fish swam into the Lake, Luoning view Ga baby foot wound, I took a turn around in the Lake, and see if there is no place to go out. A waterfall is so big, the Lake should have local diversion.
Waterfall drops, dozens of meters, according to estimates by luoning, this water before us should be underground tributary of the Yarlung zangbo River, and deep underground may be volcanic, so water will warm.
I took turn in luoning flashlight, found gaps in an underground lake, the Lake along this gap flow out, the waterway is a seven or eight-metre high cave, the bottom completely flooded, there is no way to go, want to move on, can only swim out of the water.
I returned to the luoning side, spoke to her about what to see, Luoning of map and compass are lost, can only be speculated that intuitively. She years engaged in mapping work, experience rich, she estimated we of location away from not frozen Springs has not far has, not frozen Springs even in winter also not freezes, description underground has lava, problem is from where can returned to ground, has been in underground go to go to of also not approach, now feasible of programme also only along river go has, because only in has River of place only not is silu.
Big back dejectedly, he didn't catch a fish. We do not want to stay longer, three water people in the Middle GA baby frame, along the direction of water flow, swam towards the hole distance.
The underground river of the river although not wide, but the undercurrent is the power below, through the impact of water, half floating, half tour is not strenuous, water temperature was higher than a lot of smell in nose, smell of sulphur, in water, but he still feels thirsty.
Big men some anxious, swam side complained: "I may be guilty of left-leaning putschism errors, how to swim so long is not the end? This current so strong, even a place that can hold xieqi are not. Rather than turn to swim back. 
I criticized big men: "what do you go? Swam out too far to ask how long red flag can play, and if we have a question whether it will win the final victory of the revolution? Saying the first step you will start to erode? You hang me. 
Big men quibbled, "How can we say it? I do not want to keep point for revolution? So you're blind, who caused losses to the revolution? 
We just say half, luoning exclaim loudly: "watch your back is there a animal? Like ... ... Monster. 
I had hear abnormal noise in the water at the back of back flashlight shines, water rolls, fast approaching a huge shadow from the water and flashlight range is not enough, what exactly is not clear, but surely do, good doesn't come, we pulled out the thorn, attentively prepared for war.
Beneath the river and dark forces are growing bigger, can't stop, was washed to move involuntarily, and behind that huge monster like a shadow followed.
Monsters in most of the body in the water, rolled up a wave of water and river caves are too dark, and just hear the sound is missing its shape, judging from the sounds, it said seven or eight meters long is also less.
Rivers in the last paragraph, water flows much faster, we have four people were dispersed, tightly held together, playing in the River, turned into a cave.
Here is a great underground river, the water temperature in the river is very high, there are numerous tributaries of the river that passes as we sprayed out from the mountain, like a faucet, slip into the bottom of the river. There are many raised stones holes on either side, from the white hot gas, some cracks in the stone, there are a number of dark red flame plasma, here is probably the luoning said underground volcanic belt.
The water temperature is too high, we struggled to climb up in the torrent River a huge rock and found that even the stones are hot, because of the nearby lava light lighting, I turned off the flashlight, save precious battery, I asked them: "have you seen? Just behind the what? Big head. 
Didn't look big and luoning, and shook, GA children most miserable, drinking plenty of water, and rolling belly hang, a mouth, nothing to spit some saliva, he rubbed his belly while saying: "Oh seen that GA bear, followed well behind the middle of fall River. 
Just in case, who holds military knife, stood up to look at the situation near the River: "what Monster? Nothing here. "The words he turned to come back, suddenly reached out from the River a big blood-red tongues, have more than two metres long, one volume volume the big man's legs, put him over, pulled into the river.
Eva sharp-sighted thanks to GA, mercilessly pierced with bayonets in the tongue, the monster eats the tongue pain, release the big man, staring at two red eyes from climbing out of the river.
It looks like with the previous big shot exactly like the salamander, head frog, body like a crocodile. Only the Salamnder is too big is too big, there are more than 10 meters long, and light flashing colorful scales, tail flips, followed with vicious people.
I asked luoning: "Lo, you sure it's not hurting people? Why is this so great? 
Luoning pale, trembling said: "I ... ... I mean on one ... ... This ... ... It's just ... ... Dragon King Salamander, aggression is very strong ... ... During the ice age ... ... Extinct, there was not. 
Who would have thought, in the special circumstances of isolation, there are age of extinct beasts.
Salamander this class underground biological are is cold-blooded, high of geothermal makes we before this only fighter salamander became extremely rage, and GA baby and in it tongue Shang tied has a knife, mouth in of bloody taste let it produced has strongly of attack sex, more alone, we shot playing died of that only salamander, also not know is it of sons relatives, anyway this liangzi is knot down, both have in this spell a fight desperatedly.
I winked, big baby and GA, and outflank fighter on both sides of the salamander, respectively, three battle groups formed to attack potential.
Fighter salamander whirring mess called, on three people Bared, also ranging we hands-on, it with huge of tail a sweep, on put GA baby put turned in to, volume live GA baby, opened Maw on bite, salamander of mouth in was no teeth, but this only fighter salamander of giant mouth upper and lower the has three row Lee tooth, this if let it bite Shang a, where also can has life in.
People see me and big emergency, pounce, two people, one fighter broke off at salamander's mouth, does not in anyway make it bite down or GA child head is gone.
GA baby becoming fabulous, salamander's tail by fighter live below the waist, hands, keeps, that Monster skin roughness of flesh, not afraid of fire and water, had in his mouth with a bayonet stab.
Dragon King Salamander mouth injuries, surprise and anger, catches a very bizarre body, three people who were paved in places. This guy's a great strength, I was thrown into a rock, knocked blood surge, Venus taking big man fell into the River, but then climbed back to the shore, covered with white steam, by the river did so much whining.
Three bayonet alone to struggle with this great Dragon King Salamander, is tantamount to egg, four of us made a loud shout and take to flight, Dragon King Salamander gave chase after.
Underground is full of volcanic rock and ash on soft and slippery, runs very quickly. In order to get rid of the monster behind, we walk the Valley of volcanic rocks of the steep climb, hand and foot and climb higher and higher. I was climbing halfway, he heard the big man shouts at me, let me watch. I look down at a glance, Dragon King Salamander is like a large lizard walking on the mountain, followed, and I have less than three meters away, its long tongue to lick my butt. I want to jump and escape, but climb too high, not sure can jump into the River, if slight mistake, fell on the stones can be dead, I cursed a, freeing up a hand-drawn bayonets, ready to make the cornered beast fight, is dead is to pull the monster back on.
Remaining three also saw Dragon King Salamnder is going to catch up with me, but the mountain slope is too steep, could not have managed to come over and help, all teeth stares, but helpless.
Struck in luoning, shouted at me lying on the wall: "Comrade Hu, glorious play! 
Rest and think, Yes, we have a grenade left, never used, mounted on right now
Was armed with, and standard wooden handle Chinese-made grenades are waterproof, often with a hand grenade at soldiers stationed in Qinghai Lake fish in the Lake, just all fell into the water, but the grenades should not be exposed to moisture. Thanks to the luoning reminder.
Big man took out a grenade: "Lao Hu, caught it. "From diagonal above to throw me over.
I quickly put the bayonet Cross and carry it in your mouth, a copy with the right hand, caught the grenade, thumbs turned down insurance cover, mouth throw bayonets, biting ring pull, grenade fuses ignited, Blat from the smoke.
I down look associate has fighter salamander of big mouth, put grenade threw has in, fighter salamander where know grenade is what, see black to fly has came, by it usually Hunt of habits, with tongue a volume swallow into mouth, touch of a sound stuffy ring, grenade in it mouth explosion, fighter salamander body Shang of epidermal although hard, but oral in of flesh is soft, this put it head from in to outside fried has a pulpy, dropped to Cliff following, huge of body twist has several twist, turned with white belly died in has River side of rock Shang.
I exhaled, the body is soaked by cold sweat just didn't feel fear when foot and knees, looking down at a glance, feeling dizzy.
Mountain suddenly felt a sharp rock, underground river River rose and is Okinawa sulfonic breath in the air, a unit of heat rushed up from below.


I interpert King Salamander become Dragon King Salamander, as Evolution theory the salamnder elvove from more older reptile Dinosaurus era who extinct, call Dinosaurus king salamander feel not fit so sometimes Dinosaurus been call as Dragon, so than call dinosaurus king salamnder more fit to call Dragon King Salamander

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