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Perscription to improve the intelegent ( memory) from BenCao GangMu by Li ShiZhen

Prescription 12-03-24:  Prescription to improve the intelligence.  Blend the following drugs evenly:
  One liang of powder of Renshen/radix ginseng/ginseng root,
  10 liang of refined pig’s lard, and long-stored wine.
  Drink one cupful of the mixture as a dose twice a day.  Keep this up for 100 days.  Then the person will have sharp eyesight and hearing, strong bones full of marrow, moistened and lustrous skin, and a powerful memory.  It is also good for treating diseases caused by invasion of pathogenic Wind, Heat and phlegm.  (p. 1260)

Source dapat di lihat di bawah ini.

Rifined pig lard yang tertera di atas mungkin adalah leaf lard bagian terbaik yang ada di sekitar ginjal (kidney), yang mengejutkan lard ternyata lebih baik daripada mentega (butter), tentu saja resep in tidak boleh di telan mentah mentah, harus di pertanyakan untuk siapa? Sepertinya ini untuk orang yang bekerja di luar ruang yang terkena angin, panas dan phelgm ( mucus/ lendir) it's posible hit by flue cause by cold weather.

The highest grade of lard, known as leaf lard, is obtained from the "flare" visceral fat deposit surrounding the kidneys and inside the loin. Leaf lard has little pork flavor, making it ideal for use in baked goods, where it is valued for its ability to produce flaky, moist pie crusts. 
By the late 20th century lard began to be considered less healthy than vegetable oils (such as olive and sunflower oil) because of its high content of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. However, despite its reputation, lard has less saturated fat, more unsaturated fat and less cholesterol than an equal amount of butter by weight.[2] Unlike many margarines and vegetable shortenings, unhydrogenated lard contains no transfats. It has also been regarded as a "poverty food".[4]

Qinq Xiang Leaf (sesame leaf) From Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing

Qing Xiang leaf for brain morrow

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First vol chapter 12, Moon Channel

Sky gradually late, Sun gradually sank into has Western of horizon, big forest is was shadow engulfed, here is had was called "holding months ditch", is because moon rose to Valley are over of when, back lying in Valley of most deep looked up to see sky, Visual of corner will produced a illusion, sides highest of hills like is two article huge of arms, reached sky of moon. Dead at this point taken is the Sun and fine diamonds in bling, Feng Shui in my ancestral book "Heaven" chapter contains a detailed explanation, although some literally do not understand, but combined with field observations are not difficult to speculate that a pretty close.

If savage ditch without thick leaves rotten grass-covered, can be found directly on the middle position, but now have to wait until the evening the moon rose can only reference according to the position of the Moon in the sky and down to the depths of the Valley looking for Tomb Raider. Our staff is limited, and worked when no deviation, otherwise the project would be so big.
Before the night is too early, we embedded in the hillside tent beneath a tree, tied the pony to the tree, it fed a forage and ordered a fire to boil water for dinner. Tonight's game is the hounds catch a deer. The deer look weird, and a plum spot size small, was very uneven, the hind legs unusually thick, large ears, no horns.
Eiko see hounds are drag to this only blame deer, quickly caught up with to, put deer body turned came view died deer of abdominal, blame deer of belly Shang blood Yin Ran, Eiko and put deer mouth broke, like is to looking for what things, last finally is no found, gas have she gave to in deer body played has two feet, and on those big hounds are scolds: "these bear stuff, all day on know eat, what also refers to not Shang you, you several today who also no dinner. 
Fat man on the side looked strangely and asked Eiko: "dameizi, what are you looking for? 
Yingzi while taking the knife to deer skinning, answered the fat man: "Pange, you haven't seen this animal, this is the musk deer, male musk musk in the navel, oh oh old valuable, but this thief, saw some people to catch it, to bite off his own navel, chew him. MOM to three children that the dogs are too bear, their actions soon to get a musk. 
After listening to the fat man, sat leaning against a tree, with his head bent, his belly a little bit strong.
I patted him on the head: "what are you his mother? Do you think you are a deer, you can reach for his own belly button, and your belly is full of mud, of no value. 
Fat nasty: "break you, some itching in my back, rubbing in the trees twice, you want to bite your belly button! 
Both of us a few words of mouth, separately packed his things, I went to pick up sticks, fat to Eiko barbecue. We roast musk deer in one of his hind legs just enough to eat, and musk deer entrails feed the five big Hound, Eiko is bark a soft heart, just saying, don't give the dogs dinner now because they have enough to eat.
Three giant mastiffs are proud to squat in the distance, not even those who Rob animals of little General hunting, Eiko musk's two front legs to two Mastiff dogs, and a back leg gave the largest body of a giant Mastiff called nothing.
Three people around the campfire to eat barbecue, Eiko gave each of us a knife and a rock salt into a small bowl, flipping a deer's leg in a fire Grill, use a knife to slice down, wash in a bowl with the salt. Eat this meal very quickly, I think of the tombs in the trench, also did not eat out of musk deer meat venison with the common difference.
After the meal, the moon rose up, Moonlight cloud fast heaven can be seen, indicating that winds up on the night. Seeing as time is running out, you are left to keep the dog camp, we were each holding a stick under the shotgun to savage the ditch.
We each take a step forward, have to be inserted in front of the ground with a stick to see if you have big bubble. Savage trench is much better than we had envisaged, although some of the leaves are gone thigh, but not formed the smoky bubble, it seems to want to dig graves also had to clear over the graves of fallen leaves.
I looked up at the Moon in the sky, took a compass contrast, look on both sides of the Valley, and finally determines the location, which may be many tombs in the Valley, but the most important one, is the most aristocratic tombs of the identity, where we stood.
Mark stuck a stick here today to go back for a good night's rest, enough strength to digging early tomorrow morning, the mountains, in a radius of hundreds of other people, no need to sneak to work at night.
I walked back to the fat grave robbers of things, since doing this, you should know these things, not strength to dig alone, up into the mountains from us, I just kept telling him.
China since ancient times, was the earliest grave recorded incident took place at about 3,000 years ago, it was the Zhou dynasty was three sovereigns, APFA Shang and Zhou of the Zhou dynasty, the Zhou dynasty can be divided into the Eastern Zhou dynasty Western Zhou dynasty, which is the Nabi Li mingqi Feng shan, Jiang taigong, who assisted in the dynasty, a foundation of more than 800 years. At that time, all contain the tomb of two major events, is the tomb of Zhou Youwang was stolen there is Tang tombs were stolen. Secluded Royal Tomb found in the bodies of two naked and lively young men and women, made grave robbers turned and ran and soup in the King's tomb unearthed a large turtle shell, carved with inscriptions.
Fat man says: "don't tell me this doesn't need, you say the tomb is there a ghost? Ghosts in how we deal with the situation? And what you said last time that ghost blows, I listened to how extraordinary it? 
Eiko said: "ghost blows? Is our Northeast says smoke bubble ghost blows it? 
I said, "is not the Northeast, touch gold is a captain of a superstition, in fact, is not necessarily useless, the tomb of poor air quality, if the candle is not, people will die of poisoning, from a scientific point of view can also be explained. Tomb Raider in what might be a ghost? That are superstitions, even if we have to worry about, I prepared the black donkey hooves, warding off evil things such as rice. In a Word, Tomb Raiders don't afraid of evil forces, if the fear of ghosts is not grave robbers. 
Fat man came: "well, for a long time, you let swallow these things were prepared to ward off evil spirits, ghosts do forget their age-old love I thought you cowhide. Yes, what the vinegar and the bird cage is used for? 
I just wanted to answer, they heard the hill there was a dog barking, all three of them are sinking, thought this is what savage beast to attack our camp? But there are three giant Mastiff, the beast eat between elation Leopard bile dared to get in trouble. What attracted the dogs barking? We run tight take two steps back to the slopes.
Back to the tent next to a series of gory scene in front, tied to a tree on the ponies don't know what animal bite, breaking the whole stomach, little streams, pony has not expired, fell on the ground and constantly twitching, seeing is not live.
Hounds surrounded around the pony pony screamed, as if he had seen terrible things, voice is full of uneasy restlessness.
Common sense says, horses and dogs are good friends, pony is not a dog bite, what wild animals do that? Around five hounds around the three-headed giant Mastiff, didn't catch the murderous beast?
Look around, what is the trace of the beast where, only the mountain stillness, night wind rustle in the forest, and we hold all shotguns hand is cold sweat.
Horses with a bloody mouth, nostrils or white gas, little streams all over the floor, but could not break in pharynx, yingzi at one shot at the horse's head, ending the pain before she died.
Suddenly I found the horse's intestines are moving, not because of physiological responses that twitch, as if something is being pulled to the ground, visceral things pull pony hide below the horse.
I quickly put the British pulled back a step, just fat yingzi also met, three of us looked at each other eye, brain thinking, "will be Savage did it? 
In savage trench, first thought of course was the savage, but savage did have so much power to rip the saddle? Maybe it was using weapons, but will also produce weapons that would not be a savage.
Before we want to understand the Earth entrails were pulled down, following the horse's body shielding completely fail to see.
First removed the body of the horse. I weighed the fire their shotguns, this gun than my more than 10 years ago, the Lama Groove to hit people with bear's teeth can be advanced much, however the sport air rifle caliber is too small, difficult for large animals a lethal killer. There is better than nothing, after all, much better than fire sticks.
Gun dog, everyone has some late, and the three of them work together to push the horse's body, in the grass of the Earth, looms a bottomless hole.
Hole with a small bucket so rough, adults who tried to get into the unlikely, pony's belly is something into the hole. When we arrived, the hole is covered by grass, who also failed to find, see the grass nearby, tied his horse up here. When in our Valley to find the Tomb, cave guy by surprise and ripped open the belly of the horse, dogs absolutely fierce, but the hole was covered, was barking, but helpless.
I took a photo of the hole with a flashlight, the dark, I do not know how much. For three years engineering experience come in handy, look at the marks on the wall, almost certainly, the hole is not human, is an animal with claws to dig, and very sharp claws, is a good dig, how else can tear pony in the stomach. But what animals really think out, even knew the forest Eiko repeatedly shook his head, never seen before on such animals, unheard of.
I estimate that there will be other holes around here, it appears that this savage trench appears to be calm and beautiful scenery, but hidden danger, no wonder this robs the team of people for decades have no back, I wonder if they also meet the underground brutal monsters.
This place should not be long, decided not to wait all night, night operations. Three were divided into two teams, fat man with five dogs and I, the Valley to digging a grave, Eiko, with three giant Mastiff in the vicinity looking for Monster who attacked us. That guy ill will not be more ferocious than the three huge Mastiff, rather than passive defensive, rather than offensive. If one happens, fired warning shots to inform, as soon as possible to support the other party.
Cannot talk about a fat guy with five big Hound, I carry tools, such as application objects, one after the other, in accordance with previous research on the road down to the bottom of the well.
I removed two field shovel, take a handful, another throw FAT: "fat, did a quick about it, should not be buried deep here, Tomb Raider under leaf litter is not too deep, sooner we dig antiques as possible, and then get out of this place home, sold the money to repair the road for the villagers. 
Fat spat two spit on their hands: "look at fat Lord I am. 
German field shovel flying up and down, each stamp of a large litter to form sludge.
Savage although no tree in the trench, but the wind will be blowing leaves around the mountain, the years really deep. We are assuming, feet dug six or seven meters deep, finally met clay. I grabbed his hand, very fine soil particles, no massive lump of Earth, with tongue tasted, a little sweet, Yes, this is the mound, four or five metres below is the burial chamber.
Fast dug to tomb of when will carefully has, some Tomb in is has anti-theft organ of, song Liao gold period of Tomb Raider not like Tang yiqian, Tang yiqian are is fell stone, and dark crossbow, organ, song period anti-theft technology relative mature up, especially some nobles tombs, impossible like Emperor tomb so big of engineering, mobilization of human also limited, certainly this just relatively, inside of things but is are unambiguous of, or also distribution not Shang this block Feng Shui treasure.
Like here of song late Jin Tomb Raider, should will with at compared popular of anti-theft technology tempo Dragon fire glass top, this structure of process very advanced, Tomb hollow, ceiling first laying a layer very thin of glazed tiles, w Shang has a bags bags of Western Dragon oil, again top is a layer glazed tiles, then is seal mounds, as long as has forces of into, Ding Zi a touch on broken, Western Dragon oil see air on with, put Tomb in the of bones and funerary products burn a cleaners, let Tomb thief what are have not to.
Of course, this is a compelling way to tomb of fight to die, nor let the bones be undermined by grave robbers, such a body in the Northern Song dynasty gold Liao period once in a while, then came more advanced organ, Tianbao Dragon fire glass top also was replaced.
This small body could stand it I. The Authority's biggest weakness is, dug from the side, on top of the Dragon fire Glazed tile without breaking. So dug into the mound we're mining turned to the side, two people work was in full swing, do not know what is tired, and made a good six or seven meters deep in the side of a pit.
Casual day has light, Eiko didn't find anything near the back, she first went hunting in the Woods about lunch, ready to eat, such as sending a dog to us.
After the British left the two of us went on to work, and finally dug out a hard soil layer in the side, rock-solid, field shovel struck only a white screen appear on the top.
Fat man shouted, "I hold, how is it there are cement? Know we bring the explosives to, how to dig this fuck? 
I said "used in explosives that was rough, it was rammed, on top of body protection. This soil is a blend Imperial secret recipe, mixed in some sticky rice juice, as well as the urine what a mess, modern concrete is stronger than his mother. This recipe is the Emperor of the Northern Song dynasty, later Jin dynasty destroyed Northern Song dynasty, which spread to the hands of Jin nobles. 
I moved over a VAT of vinegar, fat man with a large spoon to scoop a spoonful of cream to compacted soil, such as a bucket of vinegar watered, the walls of the Tomb you will corrode much. You don't look at the corrosion of vinegar is not too strong, but this secret deployment of rammed earth can work wonders, this is called a gram, and we'll dig just like tofu.
According to law and, sure enough, seeing the tombs to be dug up, the two men are proud, they heard from a gunshot in the forest, startled birds fly up on the tree.
Fat fast way: "I dameizi pull the trigger! 
I picked up field shovel and a shotgun: "Let us go and see. 
Two people attend to physical exertion, throw off the legs, step into to scoot on the floor.
We hear the deeper into the Woods to get to, five big dogs followed behind, ran to the forest for a while, suddenly see yingzi has three huge Mastiff came towards us.
She's okay, I heart laying down: "dameizi, do you shoot? Did what? 
Yingzi face white, ran out of breath: "Oh my God ... ... I am scared, me in the corner and found a few sheds, a look, old and scary, all dead, rotten black, I didn't see clearly at the beginning, I thought it was Savage, just put a gun, and finally what bodies and I didn't see it clearly. 
I realized that, although British Tiger Baji, originally also had weaknesses---she most feared dead, thought she was fearless in the forest.
However, found dead in the mountains of the Sino-Mongolian border, and shacks, which in itself is incredible enough, since built shacks that they were living here, those who are dead? Why this did not tend to live in mountains?
Or in the past and have a look, maybe it can find a clue. I vaguely think their missing here and before the looters.
Eiko leads us to several shacks that she found, these sheds are very rough, with a mixture of mud and straw to build, with a small amount of wood, are built in trees are most dense places, colors are very subtle, if not close it is difficult to find.
We climb into one of the shacks, see a lot of animal skins, in the corner and sure enough there were three corpses, bodies due to decay and is black, the muscle was almost the worst, dry the skin, eyes and nostrils once in a while there are maggots crawling ants. I thought to myself that this is the legendary savage savage you ditch.
Fat over the front of the eye, and said to me: "Lao Hu, I fail to see how savage the ditch Savage, has died. 
I nodded: "strange is these savage Tools Advanced, you see if they are still wearing clothes, which Savage wear clothing is it? I think it looks so familiar about it? 
Dead body in a heavy woolen cloth coat, and wore much of the year, estimates was several decades ago, was the broken dirt was out of shape, but from a style perspective, makes one feel we meet somewhere before.
I found the inside of the body seems to have a metal thing on the collar, I took it down, erase the stain above, like a Plastron on the uniforms, but not of the Chinese army.
Fat also found something, from the corner to touch a pair of swords, he made a great effort, and finally "miso" pulled out with a knife, this knife steel is excellent, after so many years, still an instructor, owner living seemed to take good care of this knife, sure wipe every now and then.
I think this tool is understood, his mother in the original the legend of wild man with these Japan devil.
Fat man was wondering, Japan after the surrender did not return? Why aren't these little devils?
I said it's no surprise, you know too little about history and exposed your ignorance of the nature. Fat man says you crap, hasten to say that, what was going on.
To I of speculated that, when Japan unconditional surrendered Eve, Soviet of mechanized army South attack stationed in China northeast of Kanto army, put known as day Army most elite of million Kanto army playing have collapsed, some Devil was beat has, living to forest deep, can't out, and and outside lost has contact, not know Japan has defeated surrendered of things, so on has been hiding in forest in, until old died in has here. See several suspicious hiding in this Japan devil, their clothes dirty out of shape, lived in the forest do not shave, it did not put them as savages?
I also just concluded that the real reason the matter, unless the devil himself coming alive account, otherwise no one will know the truth anymore. I said, fat English they can understand.
Eiko said: "Japan Devil designation was lost, although this is the edge of the forest, but the North is Savannah, and mud (mud bog), the North could not go out is the original forest to the South, no dog, most experienced hunters don't want to go out and really deserved it. 
I turned these dead objects, to see what things of value and turn to ardor suddenly, late 40 this is robs those who would meet Japan devil, was killed?
Are wants to with, suddenly from a military accompanying package in found has a notebook, wrote of are is Japanese, paper yellow, above of handwriting can identified, but three a people didn't people understand Japanese, but inside has many characters, but Japanese characters and Chinese mean far, some mean even instead (lift a example, like Japanese characters in the "left" this word, and characters literally of mean on runs counter to, is "out" of mean), even is such, put these word even up, also is almost can see understand half, Plus some of our subjective speculations, which probably means that:
Dong Ning of the Kwantung Army was routed by Soviet forces, and mushaozuo with the rest of a team of soldiers (the Kwantung Army in the class a Division, a unit of preparation of the scale for the 120-200 soldiers), flee to a secret underground fortress in Batu, preparation and the remaining troops meet in Fort, final battle with the Soviets, to die to serve the emperor. Results fast arrived in of when stepped on broken has smoky bubble, only a know Fort location of soldiers and lead of Wizard fell into to drowned has, left of people always didn't found secret Fort of entrance, wants to back go and fans has road, also no communications equipment, had to in mountains in live has down, this a live is more than 30 years, a a to have died...... Gone behind, it is estimated that people write died when I wrote it.
I threw the notebook aside, not available now look at the mess, tombs in the Valley walls have corrosive enough, hurry back, take things out, stop in this Japan devil, anyway, have been quick to rot out. Fat man said this knife but I, my home has several junior officers knife, were seized during the cultural revolution, I would also like to bookmark a knife I had convinced him that it was, back on the train back to Beijing to go to the flea market to see if, you buy new.

Vol I chapter 11, Black savage trench

Train is two o'clock in the afternoon the next day, and we stayed up all night with excitement, I asked the fat man we spent how much money is left, complaining about 150 left in the fat man, this money is enough to return fares and meals.
I think that no, we haven't been back for more than 10 years, two go to see folks, is simply not appropriate, have to find a way to get some money to buy gifts for folks.
Fat man said simply, I sold the piece of jade for qianbabai.
I say you keep it, you don't always thinking about his mother that something your dad left you, sell may not come back, then blue in the gut.
Finally I find out some valuable things, us Eagles songs watch is my dad bought me when I became the company commander, which belongs to the exclusive limited edition, money does not necessarily buy it, at the time worth more than more than 200 dollars on the market. I go to panjiayuan sold table big teeth, this grandson received nothing, heard that we are going to Inner Mongolia to begin, also sponsor our 100 money, agree to what we found by him to contact the buyer.
80, 300 yuan to households over two or three months of luxury, is a sum of money. With more than 300 dollars, I bought a lot of things to eat, are candied fruit, candy, canned food, chocolates, tea and the like, of these mountains is eat, the rest of the money exchanged on the black market for a national food stamps.
Walk two days and two nights in a hopeful mood is like a long, standing sitting day after the tractor, then walk a day, one-night mountain road.
Both of us left after less than a day into the mountains will never go any farther, carrying things too heavy, each weight more than 100 kilos, I gritted his teeth can stick, fat is really dying, sitting under a tree panted, even the words out.
Thanks to met out of the village do accounting, we jump the queue he is a growing boy, playing with us all day long, without interruption to call our "brother".
Accounting at us so much baggage, and quickly ran back to the village, called a few people take a donkey to pick us up, we all know of these older, there are both 33 years old girl was born after I left, they called me "Uncle", I hear it less comfortable.
I asked accountants: "no young men in the village? 
Accounting said: "labour in the countryside who go in with the team. It wasn't 76: Tangshan earthquake, although with me that Xu was 108,000 miles, but we that Xu is a seismic zone, the earthquake has shattered his Lama Groove niuxinshan the entire, there were entire mausoleum as Palace, we better bold in moving things in the village. The guy went to good old nose. Results do not know how, alerted the County Government, the archaeological team came. Say it is the tomb of Liao Xiao Taihou, bring guys home all the good stuff is gone, there is nothing left. With niuxinshan corner and the team is not what seems to be saying that there's lots of good stuff to be excavated, labour are employed in rural areas to go to work, a labour tube tube drinks a day to three dollars. Not this whole years, nor clean, many people also put it to work. 
I didn't vomit blood and a fat guy had heard this word almost, dare we burn incense to the twins, even the Buddha are out butt.
But there is no way, not cultural relic Bureau official who went to the team's turf. Since you have come, play for a few days, trying to find other places, large tombs not only niuxinshan that one anyway.
When it was getting into the countryside, received the news folks are waiting at the door, all of us have come, obligingly, swallow took his daughter cried and said to us: "Oh, old fat man, you miss us so much, how nothing all these years are not? "Swallow her father clung to us:" you son of a rabbit, not a shadow, this time not for two or three years, and no one is allowed to go. 
I like fat cry, fat man lived in this area for six or seven years, I lived only for one year, but the mountain man plain, you live it, they always treated you as a family. Here are before, haven't changed a bit, no electricity, no roads, many people haven't seen the light. I grew more and more sad, thinking that with money, must repair the road for the villagers, but when are we going to have the money.
Then the old party was supported by people in the village also came, not to him and loudly said, "President of kids back? Chairman of his old man now, please? How the cultural revolution? 
I listen to has to be wondering, the President he now, OK, I don't know. I rushed to the front of the old party's arm and said: "he better go, lying in the Museum every day, everyone who wants him, buy tickets to see him. Oh, by the way, as early as the end of the cultural revolution, Comrade Xiaoping led our guys now that reform and opening up. 
Old party seemed not to hear what I say, pulled neck loudly asked: "what?" Comrade Xiao Ming is what? 
Swallow next to tell me: "you don't listen to what he says, does not know how, his 73 years, deaf, cannot hear anything, still confused. 
I understood, turned out to be true, I said loudly in the old party's ear: "party, I'll bring you a lot of delicious food, delivered to you, you eat slowly. 
They said, go into the countryside, old party in the back shouted: "kids, you go back to the old report we firmly uphold the great proletarian cultural revolution ... ... The how how. 
Night swallow on their Kang table filled with fried chicken, smoked deer legs, boil sauce cooked sauerkraut powder in a large casserole. Swallow's husband is also very familiar with us, he came back to work niuxinshan not, for the time being to see.
Swallow dad to drink with our talk, I said niuxinshan the Tomb thing, by the way he is there in the mountains of ancient tombs of the nobles.
Since ancient times, who had known Tomb in the mountain is a profitable sideline, there is no moral issue, is in the North. Took the robbery and murder of Western Hunan in the South when the sideline, mountain farm during the day, night for men, hiding in the Woods, killing of foreign businessmen in the past, not prisoner. It was forced by the environment for thousands of years, even relying on, eat Tomb Badlands, eat passing the living. As long as the nearby Tomb, someone will dig. In remote areas, and the Emperor is far away, the law can't get to here, though it makes sense legally, no one can sense. The age of most of the tombs in the vicinity too long, passage, would have no obvious marks or earlier was dug up by the mountain.
Swallow her dad saying no liberation was a long time ago, this village has turned out several young amateur "thieves", at that time did not know niuxinshan Tomb, they go to a legendary place nuggets dug grave, and didn't know what had hit, all of which there is no return, swallow's uncle is one of them. The legendary place swallows her dad know about location, but never dared to go.
Said the past, let the elderly into a memory, yabuli on old pipe, pitter-patter took a few mouthfuls, thought for a long time before said: "are you looking for Tomb Raider, which in addition to niuxinshan, there is no nearby. So the old legend, from Tuan Shan mountains to the North, five days away, on the Sino-Mongolian border there is a savage black ditch, the legend that is all gold nobles grave, but it places off the beaten track, and savage, and you have the nerve to do? 
Savage Groove name I have heard, but have not heard there is Tomb Raider, a Raiders on what exactly is being hurt by something, I don't know, swallows her dad didn't know, the whole village is not clear.
In the mountains, had too many dangerous things, all kinds of wild animals, even the weather may change the natural environment to human life, if we get the smoky bubble (leaf is formed by rain-soaked rotting swamp), giving cover to the inside, even Ronaldo fairies escape.
We go firmly, swallows her dad could stop him. No one in the village has actually been to black savage trench, and only know about location, near the border, and no human being, even into the mountains in the countryside hunting or mining goods won't get that far. Coupled with the swallows her dad aged, old and suffering from rheumatism, has been unable to enter the mountain, swallow was pregnant with her second child, not out of town. Young adults in the village are working in the Lama ditch, won't be back for a short time.
Swallow her dad said: "I don't personally take you to is not always assured that the danger does not come from the savage of savage trench is the key terrain, a winter blowing white air, easy to get lost. But it is early autumn, don't have to worry about this section. You go, be sure to bring a good dog, still looking for a good guide, our countryside these years a couple of Mastiff, this time for you to take. 
Mastiffs are not simply referring to the Tibetan Mastiff, in the Northeast called large dogs of Mastiff, and the Tibetan Mastiff is not exactly the same.
Hunters, herdsmen living in the forest and grassland in the North, due to the threat of wolves and black bears of these beasts, by General Hound find it difficult to meet, learn from Tibetan Mastiff way of raising mastiffs. The saying goes nine dogs Mastiff, these words don't mean nine dogs will be able to find a mastiff. Must be a female dog lineages superior, a nest at the same time gave birth to nine puppies, knocked the nine puppies born into, putteth not to eat or drink, let them kill each other, last surviving only a is mastiff. Mastiff aggressive, three mastiffs can bear a prime torn to pieces alive.
A total of three dogs in the village, plus five best hounds, all to us, swallows her dad and we recommend a wizard Eiko.
Eiko was just 19 years old, is rare the Oroqen nationality, in the younger generation of hunters, no one biyingzi better, and she is a famous Sharpshooter in the mountains, although she is young, grew up with her dad in the Woods hunting, things she did not know of the old Woods. The three Mastiff in the village, there are two she had raised.
Before leaving, I swallow helped to prepare the things, bird cage, glutinous rice, black donkey hooves, crowbars, a VAT of vinegar and wine.
Ready, swallows thousands bade told of her dad, don't force could not be found, go back, did he return to us in tuanshan.
Looking for Tomb Raider, I am quite confident, as long as the savage trench, no tomb and, if there is, I'm sure I can find it. About Tomb Raider, I learn some knowledge from the books, and most are used to listen to my grandfather said, Mr Woo my grandfather worked as an officer in the old warlord forces, some of his soldiers, a former tanglin thief Sun Dianying men, involved in mining large Tomb Raider action multiple times, experienced, my grandfather knew the smell, is to listen to what they say.
Always stand is divided into civil, two stolen is a daring robbery, choose mausoleum, and Qin Xiang Yu should be stolen fathers, and circumstances as to the period of the three kingdoms touch gold captain is merely Crown stolen system form pipeline operations. There is also a distinction between amateur and professional, amateur digging what, aristocratic princely graves found in our professional, small one will not see your eyes.
Tomb Raider and Tomb lies can find, this is a deep and enormous subject. Thousands of years of Chinese dynasties, rise and fall, construction and selection of imperial tombs are not the same. In Qin Han period, shots, more is covered bucket type of tombs, covered bucket that seal mounds of shape, like is put volume meters of bucket turned came cover in above, edges see ribs see line, most top is a small of square platform, some like Egypt of pyramid, just China of more has a side, is in South America found of "lost of civilization" Maya civilization in the of pyramid amazing to similar. The contact, no one to figure out.
Tang Shan Ling, the magnitude of the project, forceful, it's also about power of Tang dynasty at that time, the Tang dynasty Tomb appearing all over the unit we will be the best in Empire style.
From Song dynasty to Ming and Qing period, disaster one after another, ancient history of China's largest natural disasters also appeared several times in this period, weak, tombs of the nobility scale would have been less costly.
Later during the Qing dynasty, Kangxi period, the country's economy and productivity has been greatly restored, Tomb architecture changed, more ground-oriented architecture, combined with the Memorial Temple gardens. Learn from former security experience, structure of the underground Palace of the Qing dynasty tombs are very substantial, the most difficult.
After all, no matter what generation, form of tombs in China for thousands of years, are derived from the Fu Xi 64 hexagrams reproduction out of the five elements of Feng Shui layout, the same that all of the world situation, it boils down to the pursuit of four words: nature, nature one.
Tomb culture is the essence of Chinese culture, Mongolia, Uighur, Tibetan, gold teeth, the Wusun, Xianbei and the she people, the Jurchen, dangxiang ethnic minority, are subject to a great deal of influence, pattern of the Tomb followed suit in the Central Plains, but most had to be scratched. It can be said that if we watch the pulse of mountains and rivers in the world to hide even the deepest tombs can easily find.
Farther is the vast primeval forests, Eiko in open with eight dogs, fat man holding short horse laden with tents, and more supplies and equipment, I carry a gun in the back, a group of people into the mountains on the Mongolian border.
Fat yingzi in the front walk and ask: "dameizi, savage savage ditch what the hell is wrong? What is a savage thing, have you seen yet? 
Eiko said: "I don't know what is savage, heard my dad say that over the years many people have seen, but no one caught live, haven't seen corpses of the dead, seen don't know what is. 
I laughed in the back: "fat, you're damn no culture, as its name implies, savage is the wild one and study hard. Do you know what a wild man? Was born in the wild, may be on the tree, may also be long, anyway, it is not artificial. 
The legend of Yeti in shennongjia has a long history, I had heard of in the army. Is said to have a PLA soldier was shot and killed in the shennongjia a savage and Savage's body fell off the high cliff, to finally did figure out that Savage is one, is also big, hairy monkey. Almost all seen savage witnesses contended: wild man tall and strong, full of flowers and long black hair.
Eiko tells us, that savage of the black ditch, previously called savage Groove, known as the "dead man's ditch", when you take the old, nor the dead channel, is called "holding month gap", has always been a Jin noble cemetery. Later, Mongolia army black man with the golden key, murder, such as mountains, Mongolia people dead were thrown into a ditch, entire valleys were filled, so the locals call this is "dead man's ditch". Then someone in the vicinity of the Valley saw the savage, passed, and ditch the dead's name was replaced by savage trench.
Savage is nothing terrible, savage again much like mastiffs, please? Suddenly appeared in my mind a thought, savage didn't know what sells in the market price? But then think about doing less humane, still don't hit their idea, earnest attention to dig on the Tomb.
As with horses, can't climb the slope is too steep mountains, encounters the mountains to bypass this along very slowly. Autumn forests, the scenery is gorgeous, and Plains of red and yellow leaves, storied dye, who tirelessly. Occasionally run out of one or two deep in the Woods to see the pheasants, hares, roe deer, sloths, Roe, Eiko dogs to catch, camping at night, gather some straw mushroom spice in the mountain, lit a campfire barbecue, fat man and I are both gourmet and tasted like the game these days.
In this way in the mountains, without dogs, he'll have to sleep in the trees, we had three plus five big giant Mastiff dogs, which, almost without opposition in the forest, unless the person is caught three more bears. Eiko said mastiffs are a bear's nemesis, a bear in the Woods heard the cries of Mastiff, far away right now, so at night we all slept in a tent, and loyal dogs around the tents stand, there is nothing to worry about, these dogs are more reliable than people.
Eiko temper a lot younger than swallows can rush, mad head garlic alone, do not let small peppers. Courses to take, what to eat, they must listen to her, who she is Wizard, the dogs could hear her. I was accustomed to when the company commander, and she can only endure as a common soldier.
But Eiko did have a thing or two, hunting, pathfinding, find spring water, distinguish between mushrooms have HIV, in the mountains to look for mushrooms, mushroom, hazelnut, Kaki, codonopsis, schisandra, scarcely had she did not understand. And some animals in the mountains I call your name, you have never seen, Eiko has been able to say this is what animals live in what environments, feeding on what what, what traps can capture. I and a fat guy big eye stares, can only say two words: clothes.
The Oroqen are natural hunters. "Oroqen" these three words is the official name for the nation is not at all accurate, sometimes they call themselves "e-spring" or "Russian spring", mean wandering in the forest mountains of the people of the deer. They wander in Xiaoxing ' an mountains forest and live a nomadic life of hunting and fishing. When China had just liberated, the Oroqen population less than 1000 people, the Government let them come out of the bad survival environment of the mountains, to lead a settled life. But people of ancestors that Safari, there is a near-deification-like adoration and longing for, they believe in shamans, worship nature, although live a sedentary life, and is always into hunting.
No words, said short. All the xiaoxingyesu, walking in the forest of 67 days, finally reached the black wind of the Sino-Mongolian border. Black Forest secret indescribable depths almost no place to stand, all Hardy species such as pine, larch, birch, poplar, kuzhibaiye layer with a layer of the Earth, step into it. People do, is the horse's weight is large, often stuck can not move, we had to strength as he could even pull, go to get a push a way forward.
Do not know how many of the following years, rotting leaves and trapped inside the dead beast, sent waves of rotten smell, the stench mixing with the smell of pine and wild flowers, smells strange, but after much makes people feel a little bit addictive.
Black draught, rest is me. We found a Valley, this must be the legendary savage trench, where the landforms here nothing fancy, not as fierce as Lama ditch bad, but it's just intuitive sense, Eiko said Valley affirmative smoky bubble, be sure to see again, stuck into the smoky bubble may not get out. To down to savage the ditch, each must prepare a big wooden stick went bottom leaves too much, bad than a swamp, now is not the rainy season, don't want to go down.
Savage trench belongs to the Greater Khingan Yu Mo and flat on both sides of the mountain, the whole Valley North-South, East and west sides are hills, in the midst of sunshine all year round for a short time, Yin is heavy. Valley full of dry rot in leaves of grass, except for a few low sparse bushes, what trees did not grow. Out of the trees in the Valley is more sparse, primeval forests so far, farther, more than 200 miles Outer Mongolia is a vast Prairie.
It was near dusk, blood red Sun hangs in the sky, we reached the Hill, look out across, Red Sun falling, the sky is full of big chunks of red cloud, like the sky is dyed by the thick paint, forest-covered rolling hills, endless Prairie view in the distance becomes hazy, mountain such as the sea, the setting sun was red as blood.
See this beauty great smooth FAT: "Lao Hu, this scenery is too beautiful, my trip didn't come. 
I miss the most is the tomb of savage trench, control of the 16 words yin and Yang Feng Shui technique carefully watch the Valley terrain, identification gossip took a compass bearing, AO: "his mother finally came to the right place, this noble tombs in the Valley. 
Stable male terrain, air swallowing, and end is the Prairie, and the other end connected to the da hinggan mountains, Mongolia Prairie is like a vast ocean, and holds monthly Groove like a river confluence into the sea.
Feng Shui style here is not enough to bury the Kings, but buried a sovereign million General Officer, that was more than enough, wait until the times when Moon pointed out that Tomb Raider orientation for us.

Vol I Chapter 10, Gold Teeth

Dong Si a hot pot shop, filled with  Diners, water vapor in the pot, and loud push Cup to change order.
We picked a corner table to sit, big gold teeth give me wine, I thought this guy was trying to get me drunk my China, then quickly stopped him: "Jin Ye, this pot was so strong, I amount to good beer. 
Talking while eating, the topic comes to the bucket thing, big teeth opened his mouth, fingertips knocked his gold teeth said to us: "two ye your eyes, gold teeth, is the subject of admission at the panjiayuan, scooped from the tombs of former Ming Folang of gold, in dumplings mouth pulled down. I'm not willing to sell down and put on your tooth. 
This person really, eat when picked nausea said, let no one eat, reluctant to spend money you say well. I hurried the conversation wanders, talk to him about something else.
Money slaves hand and art when pedestrians, we just talked some fengshui Tomb road, also said some in the Kunlun mountains when the engineer's story, heard big teeth amazed, for I admire complete prostration.
Before the big teeth zhua Zhuang Ding's father was Kuomintang, is a Hunan province surnamed CAI, master apprentice dug grave exhumation when knows very much, but for those who are looking for points of skill not learned. Because of his master CAI Feng Shui itself did not understand. Then in 12, farmer duck Lee invented in Luoyang Luoyang shovel, prior to that, they mainly smell with my nose, in order to keep the nose sensitivity, avoid alcoholic drinks and spicy things.
Iron Rod into the ground, pull out the nose to smell after, iron rod from the ground up odors in the soil, and with the texture of the soil, underground is void, or wood, masonry, the feel is certainly different.
Principles of this and hit with a Luoyang shovel soil, but a smell with my nose, one with eyes. Luoyang shovel up dirt, can see the underground soil components, if there is any tile, wood, cloth sheets, Tin, silver, copper, iron, lead, mercury, including rammed earth, bricks, and so on and so on, these are all proof of underground catacombs, you can use these clues to infer age and layout of the underground tomb structure.
But this craft smell the big teeth have been lost here, he legs with disabilities, and congenital asthma since his childhood, will no longer do touch gold was captain. Dry line, has seen a lot of the real thing, with this vision, the antiques business.
I joked to said you ancestors this craft tide has points, I listening to I home of elders said some pour bucket of things, real of master, no with iron soldering Luoyang shovel of, that are is stupid enrollment, has skill of people go to a at, took eye a see, on know underground have Tomb Raider, buried in what location, what structure, these a eye on can see to. Feng Shui perfect, there shall be a great Tomb, buried inside, all is not the average person, this tomb is a treasure. Luoyang shovel the stuff, real connoisseurs are dismissive, because the underground soil if dry enough, the effect is greatly reduced, especially those rich in the South, large rainfall and many tombs were drowned in groundwater, underground soil is washed a mess.
Big teeth I heard hype to me was praised: "Hu Ye, I served, saying saying, chaowen said die in the evening, listen to your comments, I did not live so old. You both know Feng Shui, and worked as an engineer and know the talents of civil engineering jobs, is rare, but not impossible, do you have the knack or touch gold Captain shame. 
I shook my head and said: "that wicked thing, I'm not going to do. I just said that they are listening to my grandfather's, and he also did touch gold captain, results with large dumplings, almost caught it. 
Big teeth says the risk is certainly there, carried on several black donkey hooves are not afraid and are called Goodfellas, inverted bucket is a bad name, it is because three abuse of corrupt thieves, they are not the people in the line, do not know how to rule, destructive mess everywhere, it can not hate you? Bucket of history to back up, I'm afraid more than more than 3,000 years, when the three kingdoms when Cao Cao forces, excavating tombs of property specifically for full pay, we have touch gold captain's nickname.
Solutions to the former, this line is divided into first, second, third of four schools, the modern, talent wither, had nothing left to a few people, only several people were virtually washed his hands. Those Juniors now, is what the country free Han, a bunch of a flocked to dig dug grave grave. Where know what line within two different takes, sanxiang three blows to touch the golden rule, alas, how many good things are destroyed in their hands.
Big teeth sighed for a moment and said to us: "my years at panjiayuan and sell stuff, you if there is anything good in the future, I can give you is responsible for contacting buyers, you go and talk about to give me a cut line. 
Fat people have been busy eating and drinking, and 80% have enough to eat, and suddenly remembered something, piece of jade was taken out to make big teeth for identification identification, look at how much money.
Big teeth looked at, on the nose and sniff a few times: "fat, and jade you but good, or at least no less than thousands of years of history, well ... ... Before may, before Tang dynasty should be. This above text is not Chinese, what will I see it out, certainly worth a lot of money, but not to determine the specific value, you'd better stay back in hand, or you may have lost too much. You got the piece of jade in which? 
Fat man says of his family's history to the spirits: "history says, but that children Motherless, a long story. I so with you said's, this block jade is I dad participate in jute riot when of veteran sent of, I Dad of that bit veteran is wild Division of first, big heads, with forces into Xinjiang of when, he of forces and a unit bandits suffered has, this help bandits is find died, PLA of first, heads side of guard mission can is eat cooked rice of did? No more than five or six minutes, he baishihao the bandits disappeared, cleaning up when a bandit who found the piece of jade, first head gave it as a memorial to my dad. This jade thing straight ahead, I do not know. 
We drink to break up until 12 o'clock, when parting, big teeth gave both of us a hook-like things, it more than an inch long, dark shiny, hard, and two carved seal character, shaped like a "touch of gold" Word. This object's age, like antiquities, made a hole at one end, wearing a red silk, can be hung around the neck as an ornament. Big teeth, said: "our buddy really hit it off, which is made of pangolin paw amulet, leave the two of you a thought, are free to panjiayuan and find me. Castle is not modified, green water flow, we shall meet again. 
My fat back to our rented a small cottage near the chongwenmen, drink too much wine, Corona TIDDLY slept until noon the next day.
Woke up lying in bed, staring at the low and high ceilings, I thought about a lot of things. Tomb Raider business, is not strange to me, I was sure to find some large mausoleums. Money is not the most important thing for me, said I don't give a damn whether the money, but life is full of contradictions, now I need the money too.
My parents were kept by the State, I have no family, feed themselves the family not hungry, but my brothers do the sacrifices on the battlefield, their parents who cherished the care? Doctor medication costs, and their younger brothers and sisters to school tuition with what little pension is not enough to eat.
On the battlefield, except me, everybody's got a reason never to die, end survivors is me, my life is a lot of fellow soldiers with his own life in Exchange for, what should I do for them now.
Fat also woke up, rubbed his eyes, and then I stared at the roof and said to me: "Lao Hu, what's on your mind? You do not say that I know, big teeth make you yesterday, didn't you? I heart itch, what's wrong with my twins? I'll wait for you a Word. 
I took out gold tooth amulet that: "what good you are the grandson when the fat man, he is doing business, non-profits get up early. Digging claws are three kingdoms Cao Cao weisuo touch gold school wear, so valuable he can feel free to send us? He is who we've got, trying to get some benefits. ���
Fat nasty: "I, early look at ya like birds, while I go to panjiayuan, throwing the big teeth and breaking down in a pit. 
In spite of this, but the two of us together, think I should take advantage of each other, had temporarily fallen out with him. My character is too impulsive, and do not consider the consequences, that grave robbers this way, Chairman Mao said that any coin has two sides, good things can turn bad, bad things can be turned into a good thing, that's dialectics.
There are countless treasures in tomb of the Kings, but can say some good things belong to the Tomb owner? Also comes from the people raking exploitation, is taken from the people, should be spent on the people, how can they stay with the bones sleep in the ground. To do it bigger, civil burials were also boring, most have nothing valuable things, and take the loss of people merits.
Touch gold from what I have heard my grandfather Captain rules, and the grave robbers is very different. Grave robbers are indiscriminate digging wild, thing to do, and what your loyal to him, what officials or ordinary people, who are, have no rules at all, even if there are farmers out of her own, is not a thing.
Touch gold Captain working large Tomb dug, a candle in the burial chamber in the Palace, in the southeast corner of azimuth, then opened the coffin to touch gold. Most valuable goods of the deceased, often wears on the body, some kings above the Tomb, is the Pearl mouth, covering gold, chest is also Hu Xin Yu, hands grasping a jade carving, and even the anus stuffed with gems. Do it yourself, cannot damage the remains of the dead, walked softly touched from head to foot, and finally left for dead two treasures. Before that, if the southeast corner of the candle goes out, it is necessary to get our hands on the property as it is put back, knock three head respectfully, and return by the same route.
With tales of some of the tombs are of soul, as to why they are not in circulation, for thousands of years has been left in the Tomb, it would have been hard to say, is likely to be loathe to give up his wealth, after death every day staring at his treasure, met to lay down not give fiscal advocate, is not something hard to grab it.
I who decided that his mother, touch gold was Captain! What conscience condemned, we when consciences were eaten by dogs, no, half eaten, well ... ... Is wrong. Might as well change the perspective, now 80, did not advocate dedication? Now turn to those nobles who devoted devotion that exploitation of the labouring people. But these dead wake low, don't expect to climb out of their own dedication, this kind of thing, we'll do it, their feudal ruling class of autumn, pick up the CA Mau, really busy.
Strategic directions identified, specific objectives, and how implementation will have to chew over.
In the tomb of the most popular in Henan, Hunan, Shaanxi, the three places, the tomb is not easy to find, and many people do not easily, but also to grow crops build houses as a cover, to do the best go to the mountains, inaccessible places.
If in the mountains, I have ever seen the Tomb, came in the first place is definitely niuxinshan. I when the countryside is too young, do not understand anything, with my experience of judgement, that the Tomb should be before the Northern Song dynasty. Tang dynasty, is a fashionable mountain-ling, which extend all the way to the early Song dynasty, after the Southern Song dynasty, power fade, no longer a Royal Tomb has a vast array of projects.
Fat man asked me, did you say niuxinshan haunted? Could find someone not haunted, we deal with the bear Savage did nothing, and encounter ghosts but don't know where to start.
I said, first of all, no ghosts in this world, may I told you last time I had a high fever of illusion and, secondly, this is the initial action, you do not have to begin first. Do you remember many people swallow their village: an antique? We came back to collect some sold, it will save me hard to toss a pulling.
The same day, two separate ready, fat to get rid of the rest of the tapes were, I went to the flea market to buy some necessary tools, flashlights, gloves, masks, candles, rope, water bottles, delighted me the most was bought two German engineers scoop, I took the field shovel in hand, feel like old friends.
This field shovel is Germany equipped mountain assault Division during World War II, was seized by the Soviet Union a lot, during the Sino-Soviet friendship, partly flowed into the territory of China. German field shovel are lightweight, can be folded and hang it on the waist, and excellent steel, let alone dig-dug rock, when it comes to risk, and can be used as a weapon to brandish, half a head will be able to cut off the enemy.
Only regret is not buying gas masks, the country that year when three civil also dispensed some 60 gas masks, the flea market sells can occasionally see, unfortunately didn't get to today, only later. Also lacks something, that can wait until the Gang Gang Camp prepare.
Spent a total of more than 1500 square, mainly the two spade too expensive, 610, price was killed, not down. Finally I just six dollars, this is very bad, no money to buy a train ticket!
Thanks to the fat guy that dumped all recordings, and rent our House back, three sold, that's almost enough traveling back and forth. Overnight to buy a train ticket, was not yet 18 years old when I left there, and haven't been back for more than 10 years, expect to see we haven't seen folks, we were both a bit excited.