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Ghost Blows Out The Light: Chapter 5, Fire Lady Bug

The morning of the third day into the mountains, the team arrived at the glacier, the legend around here there is a very small, low-lying basin, our destination is the basin. Because it is a confidential task, so you can't find a local guide to lead (in fact, no one knows the way) only with crude military map, contour in the grass to find destinations.
Big glacier is by three part composition of, drop great, slope is steep, highest elevation over 6-kilometer, snow years not of; middle a most long, full is mirror surface as slippery of ice, ice layer thick up Shang hundred meters, most bottom and below Qinghai-Tibet plateau of average elevation, like cracks General deep sinkholes into Earth, here gas partial warm formed has a rare of green with. In the lowest place, altitude sickness is reduced, if I want to go deep in the Kunlun mountains, the Valley would have to pass under the glacier.
Before departure the engineer had warned that under the ice March won't make noise or cause avalanches, buried at the bottom.
They even breath, the result also had an accident on the way. From under the glacier to the Valley in the process, a Beijing engineer fell down the glacier, in our oasis in the glacier, found the bodies of his pulpy. Female luoning for geological exploration and is a unit of his colleagues, seeing this horror, can't help but want to burst into tears.
A geological expert Wang quickly covered her mouth with his hand and whispers, "don't cry out loud. 
Luoning head buried deep in the King's arms, sobbing in agony. Instructor led took off the hat, say goodbye to peers remains silent, then me and Eva two GA people packed into his body, buried in the packed in a bag. The engineers and we were together less than three days, I just knew he was in Beijing, and even had a chance to know his name, just quietly died.
Big field shovel gently into the ground soil, dug under a few, suddenly in the pit he dug, flew out of a blue ball of fire, basketball size, hover in the air twice, suddenly rushed into the crowd, the team members will quickly have to Dodge.
Ball of fire falling on the ground, blue flames die down, turned out to be a strange little ladybug, my whole body like the Red Crystal wings is crystal clear, transparent shell, vaguely see the translucent internal organs, seemed to faint flame flow looks say a mysterious strange.
Guys a look and would like to ask what is this bug. But nobody can give an answer, probably undiscovered species. Wang Gong curiously on the past, nudged in the thick glasses on his nose excitedly with two finger pinch up Ladybug like a Red flame, carefully watch carefully. However, at this time, he and Ladybug contact fingers are blue coloured flame lit, Flash, male-male flame engulfed his body, instantly a large blister on the skin, then be burnt, myopic lens burnt out on the nose on the ground, he fell to the ground in pain twisted struggling.
We tried to save him was too late, he was burned by Infernal screams resounded through the Valley, heard all the chills, and seemed to break is not dead.
Someone want to shovel Earth-put out the flames on his body, but he Burns has reached 100%, belonging to the burn, and even if he flames out, deep in the underserved of the Kunlun mountains, even by only one or two hours, that did not let his suffering?
This fire scene too harsh the living, luoning dared, turned her head in the past, her face frozen, cover their ears, mouth, don't know she wanted to shout or cry. Youngest Kobayashi also frightened, hiding behind big, whole body shaking into a ball.
Two squad leader pulled out a gun to help Wang Gong an end to suffering, really didn't want to see him suffer so, and then he shouted, not caused the avalanche could not.
Instructors hold down bolt hand monitor is the second, and whisper to him: "can't shoot, with a bayonet, allow me. 
Hanging glacier peak is tens of thousands of tons of snow, and any sound and could lead to disastrous consequences. Now we can only help Wang Gong, is to give his heart's nest a bayonet, he died a good death.
Delay, an instructor from a soldiers hands on five or six types of semi-automatic rifles with bayonets, gently say sorry gay brother, a closed military knife into the heart of Wang Gong, Wang Gong finally stop piercing howl, lying on the ground motionless, his flame continues to burn.
Instructors tried to bayonet from his heart out, that kind of demon vision blue flame suddenly lit up and down bayonet from the rifle barrel up.
Flame speed is too fast, even less than the blink of, people see exactly what happened, an instructor's body had been blue flames.
Instructors, like Wang Gong, struggling screams in pain, we all know instructors, he is a tough, although looks weak, but his patience and persistence are enough to the best standards of professional soldiers, don't know how were those strange fire is intense pain until he let out a scream.
Second monitor tears raised his pistol, now worry whether to cause the avalanche and don't really want to see instructors suffering again, the moment just before he pulled the trigger, the whole body is suddenly opening fire instructor said: "I command ... ... You are not allowed to shoot ... ... Take his comrades left here...... "
Instructor's pain although it is difficult to bear, but also maintained a sober mind, he realized his screams might cause an avalanche, in order not to make a sound, he reverse the bayonet of glowing, into his heart. After a long time for a long time, his thin body was reduced to a pile of ashes.
The rest members of the team, watched painfully heroic tragic scene, everyone holding tightly the fist, gritted teeth, wants to hold back the tears in the eyes, some people's lips were their bite.
Valley still has no sound, blue sky above reflected in glacier ice, makes a kind of illusion, which seems to be two of the same sky in the world, which one does not know on the, which in the next. Wonderland of beautiful scenery, is full of strange atmosphere of terror.
Two piles of ash on the ground, just a few minutes ago, and they still are living, has now become a small pile of ashes and scorched bone residue remains. If I hadn't seen it all through, who could believe such a thing would happen in the world.
Suddenly, from the ashes of Wang Gong was left after burning, flying out of a blue fireball, it faced a crowd hovering in mid-air, select the next target seems to be in, it's very fast, within the scope of its attacks, not sure wether anyone can get off. There was a slight vibration in the air, is this weird Ladybug shake the sounds of the wings.
Teams now have lost three men, were members of the most important, as the leader of the instructor, and two engineers died, leaving two engineers, one of them is surveying and mapping in luoning, also a Shanghai Liu Gong of geological prospecting Institute, it seems that this task cannot be completed.
Instructors are not soldiers without backbone, but almost all of them in the face of this monster when the same blue ball, came up with the same idea in mind: "prefer to be buried alive by an avalanche, and never wanted to be this thing alive to ashes. 
Several impatient Warrior Ladybug has aimed his gun in the air, second monitor suddenly grabbed the previous step and you said: "comrades, instructor at the expense, now I am captain! I command you all have brought me back alive does not lie? 
I see two monitor wants to do what he wants to sacrifice themselves for others to evacuate for precious little time. I took him by the arm and sobbed: "no, you're not a member, what you to lie? Go me to. 
Second monitor pushed my hand: "you little Hu, you are not even a member. Talk to me so you don't learn my, lilaysi give me not listening to you. "The voice did not lie, he didn't look back into the fireball that hung in the air.
Two monitor just rushed out two steps he stopped, appeared in front of us a piece of incredible stories, weird Ladybug that exudes the flame from a member into three, each one is the same size as the original.
One of three blue balls toward the second monitor, and two of the lightning into the crowd, including the second monitor, and also Cook Chao, communications officer Lin three people hit by a fireball, the body is burning up, they also issued the bloody scream, twist on the ground struggle, want to roll out on the fire.
Horrible things happen, as a fireball when the soldiers were nervous, they have all opened the firearms safety, cock full of bullets in the magazine.
Signalman Kobayashi is only 16 years old, his lack of instructors and two monitor face death and psychological endurance, demonic fire burns to his head. In flames was biting pain, the rifle went off in his hand, "answer answer answer answer......", and three comrades were shot gunned him, down in a pool of blood.
Toward the direction of the worst development of events, an instructor would rather commit suicide wouldn't let us shoot, gun rang in the end. Was attacked by strange fire may be horrible, but avalanche means disaster, team members, there is a one who could survive. The large glacier valleys and screaming perhaps only 30% probability set off avalanches, but gunfire, 200% brings the most dire consequences.
See delirious Kobayashi's rifle fire, stray bullets flying murdered three of his fellow Marines that I didn't want to, one to bite off, picked up the rifle in the hands of three spot, knocked out in the fire struggles Kobayashi, two monitor and Chao.
Rifle bullet out of the Chamber resounds in the Valley, because the Valley is very narrow, and glacier ice wall mirror, it is a natural speaker, gunfire, shouts, cries in the Valley hit a wave after wave of ECHO, for a long time without a break.
I hadn't personally killed their comrades out of pain, is full of who smiles, and suddenly felt a head cold, to return to God, touched it with his hand, turned out to be a snowflake landed on my forehead.
Sun shining bright light in the sky, when it snowed. I pause for a sink, mind's first thought was: "Finally a avalanche. 
Then on the bodies of three dead comrades still burning, flying a blue fireball. At the moment have not have scruples about the shooting at, GA baby marksmanship team members are the most accurate, he picked up a rifle and pointing is not aiming, the hand is three shots, every shot hit a fireball in the Center, inside the Ladybug is far from bullet diameter, insect body will give the bullets gone, flame disappeared.
After a brief but brutal conflict, our class of eight soldiers, plus two monitor, an instructor there are ten of us, alive now left me and big, GA baby three soldiers, then there was Liu Gong and luoning two intellectuals.
More snow falling on his head, rumbling noise coming from the sky, shake the whole Valley, I looked up a look, skis rolled up above the storm, like white tsunami which rolled down to us.
Big men pulled me out and said: "Hu! MOM to three children, and then you see what stuff and put it quickly! 
Our location is in the middle of the Valley, the avalanche certainly filled the entire Valley, there is no place to run, but to the death, human instinct will always be to make one last struggle.
Luoning already collapsed to the floor in fear, big shoulders and carried her to my pull DrawString and Eva two GA people dragged Liu Gong, large glaciers ran across, looking before the avalanche fell, climbed slightly higher on the hillside opposite, go for this one last chance.
In the most desperate moments, nor have we dropped the gun, the gun is part of military life, drop the gun means throw away a soldier's honor. But everything else was too, throw regardless of all kinds of equipment, trying to untie the throw away his backpack, but rushed too late, the five survivors pulled each other run.
The avalanche came too fast, swept by an avalanche, Valley moving in time.
I've heard of an avalanche, but never have imagined, between heaven and Earth the power of the silver waves, this resurgence of everyone, even if the long run off both legs.

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