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Candle In The Tomb: Chapter 8, EarthQuake

Began activities under the bed, and suddenly, all off guard and almost fell. Hurriedly climbed a fairly gentle slope, sit down and breathe a breath, shock, vibrations in the ground of fierce, piled up mountains of volcanic rock wall might collapse at any time.
Luoning said volcanic eruption does not necessarily occur, should only be the periodicity of volcanic activity, the cycle time is not determined, there may a few days, there may be hundreds of thousands of years to occur. Volcanoes are divided into many kinds of common
Kind of Horn chimney-shaped volcanoes are formed after a major eruption, although some are not extinct, but has not erupted for tens of thousands of years, have been deeply buried in the ground, occasionally shaking.
But no matter how many years it is active once we are out of luck, just in time. Think along the underground river looking for the exit, but following the river is boiling, the dumplings into the pot, it seems are not to go under, is the occasion of wit, GA baby tugs at my clothes, pointing to the top let us see.
Distance of hundreds of metres of overhead, appeared a slender white light dazzled me, eyes a sharp pain, what is it? What creatures long extinct?
Luoning astonished: "is the sky! Is the sky! 
Underground volcanic tremors triggered earthquakes, ground opened a big gap on the head, too long not seen outside of the sky, and I almost forgot what sky are blue or white.
I said to the rest of us: "comrades, was there, until final victory, for new China, forward! 
The four people already exhausted, suddenly saw the hope of escape, and flat out strength, pulled open his legs, swing arm, mad, climb down the slope.
Following shocks in more and more fierce, sweltering, strong sulphur smell makes people forehead ache. We worry about the cracks and were closed by earthquake on, everyone wanted to go out as quickly as possible, and at 45 degrees on the steep slopes using Sprint's breast.
More to the volcanic rocks on the ground, like sand, can hardly stand on, up to three feet, and fell back to two feet, and gone off the skin on the hands, also ignored the pain, gritted its teeth, and even pedal plane, five hundred or six hundred meters of height, is like saying the snow harder. All physical exhaustion, and finally returned to the ground.
Blue sky and white clouds, flanked by rolling hills, River Valley, where we climb is Kunlun, also the lowest area in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, not cold spring depot from the first team, only a few kilometers away.
Luoning physically no, GA baby has a foot injury, they lagged behind at the last minute, I rest, hastily and big man armed with two load-bearing belt together, hanging in luoning they pull.
Earthquake is more and more fierce, this more than a metre wide cracks could collapse at any time, luoning and GA baby can only hold belts, sliding on a step by step, you can't climb a half an inch.
I pulled up and a big effort as he could, but two people anymore, it is impossible to put them at the same time pulling up. GA baby let go of the belt, luoning swim below, combined with our top pull, cracks her up.
I want to drop to save tape, such as GA when the baby, came a violent shaking, and then closed the Earth together, GA baby alive squeezed in the middle.
The low temperature more than 20 degrees below zero, our coats and hats have long disappeared, three of us forget the cold, wearing only thin clothes, crying with hands and bayonets vainly dug the ground sand ... ...
Three days later, I was lying in a military hospital bed, the military's Chief of staff holding my hand extended his condolences: "Comrade Hu, you are brave, expressed condolences on behalf of the military Commission to you, hope you get well soon, and make new contributions in the revolutionary road. How did that go? Do you feel all right now? 
I replied: "thank you, heads of concerned, I ... ... Also ... ... ... ... "Say OK, but think of those comrades who always go, Kobayashi, GA baby, instructors, second monitor, the" good "turned in the chest, is always to say no.
As Churchill said, world, no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, only permanent interests.
1969 due to the needs of the international situation, my unit was sent deep in the Kunlun mountains of construction, because the environment is too harsh, makes progress than expected to slow during the next three years, dozens of officers on site to sacrifice, but this military installation has only just been completed for the construction of the two-thirds.
At this time, world situation and reshuffling the 1972 Nixon visit to China, Sino-US relations.China makes new large-scale restructuring of strategic deployment, the works were stopped in the Kunlun mountains, we switched the Corps, and made back to field army order of battle, under the Lanzhou military area command.
Day after day, year after year of training, drill, drills, learning, evaluation of camp life, not only tedious and difficult. After a few years, the cultural revolution ended, the party right, gang of four was crushed, after ten full, social order was finally restored to normal.
But the force is a special environment and alienated from society, in camp, I didn't feel much difference, but no longer as usual meet, they read quotations from Chairman Mao, but whenever there is a boot camp or a revolutionary education to them.
This morning, I just came back from the battalion met, correspondent Liu ran breathlessly: "report Commander have a platoon of recruits to report today, but instructors in military studies, so please you go to tell recruits about revolution, tradition. 
About revolution, about the traditional, in fact, is to tell recruits about the company's history.I am a layman, but somehow I am long, instructor and was not at home, had to bite on it.
I took this trophy more than more than 30 new recruits into the companies, pointing to the side stitch "pinci company of Heroes" banner bearing the words telling them that this is in the Huai Hai campaign, Liu Lian, our predecessors achieved honors, this title has been retained to this day. After relishing in the worst fighting I say again, how our six-hand-to-hand, and how in the case of ammunition, bayonets beat back a whole crazy attacking the Kuomintang reactionaries, gloriously completed the sniper task assigned by superior.
Then I pointed to a glass case a black broke an iron pot to the recruits about: "comrades, you should not look at this broken pot on, on the battlefield of that year in the Huai Hai campaign, Liu Lian, our revolutionary predecessors, is eaten with the broken pot roast pork braise later, enemy to battle crime. As you can see, the cracks in the pot, that reactionary fire by Kuomintang reactionaries to burst, to this day, it is also quietly tells the heroes that year exploits and brutality of the reactionaries. 
I can say that, after all, I am not a professional responsible for the thoughts of catch, but I think I speak fairly good, and these recruits Danzi to spare.
I asked recruits to dissolve to the cafeteria for dinner, he and Liu walked in behind them, I asked Liu: "the company commander told the revolutionary talk about tradition, what do speak? 
Lau said: "Oh, the Commander, speaking thieves well, I hear DC saliva, even when we learn of revolutionary martyrs, improve the food, eat stewed pork with vermicelli, son of man? 
I swallow the swallow, Liu was playing a cerebral continued: "the revolutionary tradition did not hear his mother heard the braised pork with vermicelli, go to I went to the cafeteria food, today the dining room seems to eat dumplings, to late for those recruits Danzi Rob is gone.I command you, run! 
Liu promised a, stride behind dash to the cafeteria, I suddenly remembered I had left the most important one charging him, immediately behind shouted: "pick me out stuffing several big Ah! 
I'm lying in bed, eating dumplings, letter from just watching my house, everything at home, and made no mention of what the important things. Read the letter twice in the side and picked up my house that people book, previous experience in previous years, let me to Feng Shui a great interest in science, free to read out.
Due to this this book in the mentioned has many five gossip easy number like of noun, like what East methyl b wood, South c d fire, central e has been soil, Western g Cynkin, North ren GUI water, what dry, and kan, and Gen, and earthquake, and Kun, and against, and away from, and not and so on, more has puzzled of at, these years I find has many books turned see, although education limited, also is can against with see understand has three or four into.
16 words yin and Yang Feng Shui secrets of these 16 words, namely: Heaven, Earth, people, ghosts, gods, Buddhas, demons, animals, fearful, town, escape, physical,, Yin and Yang, empty.
This book does not know what year it is, I do not know from the hand of whomever, just the content is very difficult, and 64 of the Fuxi eight diagrams, it should be 16 diagrams, uploaded in the Shang period, because this 16 diagrams bag, wiping out half of the gods, even the rest of the GUA-GUA number is incomplete. But know one or two people, already very ill, think that the Ge Kongming, know a thing or two, Liu Bei's strategist, include world, Liu Bowen only three minutes, then assisted zhuhongwujian Daming 400 years of heritage.But I do not believe, you really can have such extraordinary?
Only regret is that this book is only about half of the layout structure of the tombs of five elements of Feng Shui, the other half of this yin and Yang Tai Chi gossip from my grandfather in the hands of time, did not. Aberrant copy reads, some content is not consistent, and the text incomprehensible, it is difficult to see the deeper meaning. If it is complete, it should be easy to understand.
Suddenly, a collection of three long and three short rings, pierced the air of quiet in the camp, my first thought was: "is definitely wrong, no reason will not be in the middle of the whole emergency collection. "I put the two remaining dumplings into his mouth, bounce out of bed rushed out the door.
Columns columns neatly parted, I saw in the collection are not alone in our camp, gather up the whole mission. Junior officer like me are not qualified to know what actions had only to obey the order command. We received the order to go to the train station, along with brother force start.
Over 10,000 people, such as the mountain is like the sea, at the military station, packed with tens of thousands of soldiers, from a distance like a green tide, it looks like the entire Division deployed. At the time a Division were mobilized to the terrific, like our main teacher preparation is very large, three infantry regiments, equipped with an artillery regiment, a tank Regiment, plus Divisional headquarters of Administration logistics forces, nearly 20,000 people. Such a large-scale action is what to do? Should not go to disaster relief, has recently been heard around here where the affected.
We sleepwalk Tin car all the way to the border with Yunnan, guys understand that this is war, when many people cried ... ...
Meanwhile, the visit Deng Xiaoping surprises at the White House: "the child did not obey the spanking myself. "And openly acknowledged that the Chinese troops on the Sino-Vietnamese border mass rally.
February 17, 17 divisions of the 220,000 people's Liberation Army across the attack, went to lang son on March 4, China announced the withdrawal.
I even was the main architect of the knife, and the lead, over half of the ten days of battle casualties. In March, we met with Viet Nam agents ambushed and their women with child served as cover for armoured threw explosives into the us, I the eight soldiers had been killed in armoured vehicles. When I have red eyes, caught two Viet Nam militia.
They are a more than 50-year old Viet Nam man, and a more than 20-year old Viet Nam woman, seems to be father and daughter duo. Have men tell me, this woman in his arms and explosives disguised as infants after armored vehicles when they threw the explosives inside. Definitely looks good, is that she did it.
The thing I fear most is watching his comrades die in front of angry fights, the three main rules of discipline and eight note, and forget all about our army's policy towards prisoners.
This serious violation of discipline, and even moved the headquarters of the General. Like my house on deep background in the military, has long been taken to a military court, was forced to end my military career, holding a paper demobilization, and returned to the home

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