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Volume I Chapter 9, REUNION

Batlle drew to a close, sporadic gunfire could still break out, positions filled with smoke, tangle in the trenches filled with corpses.
Tunnels in about six or seven of the remnants of the army, I took all the exits were blocked, I hang on the inside shouted: "purson also leaves, pine wide hypnotic poison! 
The rest of the soldiers shout along: "purson also leaves, pine wide hypnotic poison! Purson also leaves, pine wide hypnotic poison! "(Viet Nam: Jiao.Qiang.BU.Sha and give preferential treatment to prisoners. First-line combat troops were issued a field manual, which indicate the pronunciation of the Chinese characters commonly used for some Viet Nam language, such as: just stay, meaning hands. Do not stay, meaning hands freeze. These are the capture and surrender of the enemy, there is to promote our policy, Viet Nam people talk about. In Viet Nam the North, many nationalities, Viet Nam official language than Chinese popular Canton, the majority of Viet Nam soldier can speak Chinese. 
Being surrounded by Viet Nam people, deep in the tunnels in order to answer to the rounds.
I threw his helmet on the ground, "cursed his puppy days fathers refused to let I alive. "Turned to the soldiers standing behind me for an order:" cluster grenades, flamethrowers, small dog in his day. "Cluster grenades and flamethrowers to deal with enemy of the fight in the tunnel bunkers as the most effective means, with a large number of hand grenades to suppress, and exterminating the flamethrower.
Sheaves sheaves of grenades thrown into the pit, after a series of violent explosions, Chinese soldiers use flamethrower against the opening Gush.
Fireworks and burnt smell smoking people blinded, I carry a submachine gun leading into the tunnel.
At this time, I found inside a large bundle or cluster grenade failed to explode, I quickly brought the soldiers wanted to run outside, but it was too late, a dull bang, my body was toppled by shock waves, eyes dark, felt before the paste a layer of mud, everything was out of sight.
I desperately clawed by hand, saying no panic when my wrist was caught, someone said to me: "comrades, wake up, you have nightmares? 
I opened my eyes around, two train crews and cars full of passengers were staring at me, all smile on his face, I realized, was just dreaming, out a long breath, the nightmare of terror.
Surprise home by train can dream, this time face lost. I awkwardly smiled to everyone, this is probably the ugliest smiles I've ever, but no mirror, I saw my own face.
Flight attendant I woke up and told I was going to the Terminal, ready to get out of it. I nodded, carrying their luggage into two carriages connected place, sat on the bag, a cigarette sucked a few of mind also worried about those comrades at the front.
Wears no collar badges in uniform was full of awkward, is unlikely to go on foot. Back then how to tell my dad answer to them? Old man if he knew I was kicked by troops to come back, no belt is killing me.
After more than 10 minutes to the stop, I walk in the door go around, didn't dare to walk in the door, wandered aimlessly in the street, wondering how to make up a false story, and turn off the old man that wriggle out of it.
It was getting late, Twilight dusk I into a restaurant to get something to eat, a look at the menu jump over the years did not eat out dinner, food is so expensive now? A plate of shredded even six dollars, it seems my severance pay of more than more than 3,000 dollars, just enough to eat 500 servings of shredded.
I ordered two bowls of rice and a plate of Kung Pao, also a bottle of beer, a young waitress to recommend to me what Braised prawns, I simply would not, her low voice one sentence, turning his eyes turned to indignant to my dish.
I don't want to talk to her alone, my ten years in the army, and sweat sweated blood, death, is worth 500 shredded? Think it's a bit dumbfounding. But then a thought, with those sacrifices on the battlefield than comrades, snow-capped mountains, what can I do not know enough grade?
When a visitor came from the outset, he wore a faux United States imports large frog mirror I see his dresses are fashionable at the time, made more than two eyes.
The man saw me, looked at me for a long time, came and sat across the table to me.
I thought this man what's going on, so many empty tables do not go, not what came to me, if hooligans want to get me into trouble? Complete control of your grandmother, is scratch my itch, hold my breath, is spoiling for a fight, but he looks a little familiar. More than half his face was obscured by large frog mirror, I can't think of who this man is.
The man nudged nose frog mirror spoke to me and said: "sky King cover ground Tiger. 
I said this word is so familiar, so casually replied: "cone River Monster. 
Each other and asked, "how Red in the face? 
I thumbs replied: "can't find wives to hurry. 
"How is that white? 
"Marry a female Tiger to frighten. 
We both hugged each other, I said to him: "little fat, until the central Red Army and you come back, right? 
Fat man was about to cry with excitement: "Lao Hu, we regard the Red Army finally join forces in northern Shaanxi. 
We also adopted a number of times in previous years, but far away, never met. Guess I met back at the restaurant, that's a coincidence.
Fat dad was much bigger than my dad, but not punished at the time of the cultural revolution, and died in the bullpen. FAT City looking for a job a few years ago, did more than a year because of the leadership fight, myself as profiteers self-employed, sell tapes of popular songs from our side to the North.
Not seen for many years, we both got lianhongbozicu, I forget which make up a lie, returned home, ALE, saying what happened with my dad, I can't believe he's not angry, but very happy. I thought the old man, the older lower awareness, her son was not on the front line are also happy.
Complex tasks assigned to me is when the defending section chief to a food factory, I had stayed too long in the army, do not want to work the regular life and didn't go, partnership with FAT to do business in the North.
Time passed quickly, with his eyes looking into the 80 's, we also have three children, business is growing in poor, not to mention saving wife, meals are problematic, and often have to find money for pressing needs at home.
The day was good, cloudless, both of us wearing a pair of sunglasses, dressed in Bell Bottoms, pushing a tricycle on a Beijing Street, last two boards, filled up with tape, a broken tape recorder pulled two broken Horn blah blah on the Taiwan pop songs.
A schoolgirl wearing glasses got to come over and pick for a long time, asked us: "seed Xie Lisi Wang, please? 
On this before we had the goods, sold out in two days ago, hippies to the fat man said to her: "Oh I say, what year, listen to their songs, do you listen to Teresa Teng-hui Zhang Aijia? Come back and listen, assured the Chairman that, beautiful as well. 
Female students to watch fat men are not as good, turned away.
Behind the fat man mabujuekou: "this fool, with his mother, and his mother wants to hear gold silver shuttle shuttles, was his mother like a shuttle. 
I said how do you Opera accent modification, speak Mandarin did not, pretend to be what people in the capital. Now is too difficult to do business in Beijing, XI ' an, I ran in a few days.
Fat man want to argue he is Beijing's ancestors, but before that, suddenly pointing to one end of the street called: "I, Commerce raiding and ran. 
We pushed them enter and run, then turn seven and eight ran to the street, I looked around, I unknowingly ran to the panjiayuan antique market here?
Street was the sale of old things, even the old Mao badge, red book is someone. Like all kinds of jars, old clocks and old pocket watches, three-inch Golden Lotus wearing old shoes, tons and tons of coins, snuff bottles, antique furniture, pipe, calligraphy and painting, the carving Institute, pen and ink yellow paper, old pipe, cricket jar, porcelain, lacquerware, jade jewelry, silver, copper, tiexi, as long as it is old stuff, basically everything.
Fat Jade pendants with a family, has been worn on the body. Jade is one of Northwest field army heads to his father's, when the head of troops into Xinjiang, in the oasis of NIYA wiped out a gang of bandits, this jade is the ring leaders close. Are jade, actually shaped not like, weird modeling, engraved with some messy patterns, such as maps, like the text, I don't know what is.
This jade fat man showed me many times, and antiques before many in my family, many from what I used to listen to my grandfather's stone jade knowledge. But the value of a piece of jade, I can't see it.
Fat man wants to sell this jade has some cost to do business, I stopped, this is your dad left you, don't sell don't sell out, we did to the point of desperation, I find homes for money, anyway, our old to get a lot of wage replacement.
We see the side where there is an empty, stopped in the past three rounds, bought two bowls at the nearby Cook fire as lunch.
Halogen cooking fire was the chewiness Cook soups, there are some large intestine and the like, soaking cut up fire, a slice of a bowl, which is economical and affordable.
Too much did I this bowl of spicy, so spicy that I tear my nose out, blew out the tongue.
Fat man eat two said to me: "Lao Hu, years would take you out rich, did not expect the national economy to invigorate, not a little better, but good. Not like I just started to be running hot-dog stands at that time, Beijing was less than three selling tapes of pop songs. It was kind of you, your dad is already a teacher before he retired and enjoy the benefits of Deputy city level cadres, you might as well go back to your old man take a back door, authority to arrange a job for you, don't suffer with me. 
I patted the fat belly said, "brothers, I also cut xinwozi words with you, if I really want to go to it all the time, but I dare not go, do you know why? I'm afraid if I sit still in one place, think about nothing else, all my dead comrades, they were in front of me dangling, saw them, pain in my intestines are broken. We're busy small businesses around, and keep her mind away think of something else, or I cannot but nerves. 
For so many years in the army, not learned, learned to boost morale, comfort me FAT: "now is not too hard, it and cook to eat, right? When I was in the Kunlun mountains, that his mother didn't really complain about. There is a spring, everyone wants to have, a lot of recruits to steal a cry. Teachers at the line, quickly giving us good dumplings, and better food. The dumplings, say it may surprise you, Kunlun mountains there are no vegetables, vegetables more expensive than gold, meat down plenty of dumplings is a Meatball. Too high above sea level, water does not open, the dumplings are cooked, the meat inside is red. You can imagine what it tastes like? So I ate about seventy or eighty, almost did not put me to death. Chan, didn't eat something cooked in those years, Chan is broken. I let people to the hospital the next day, can not Digest, stomach like a Tin. Do you remember how to say it in the Red Rock? Victory on the eve of the revolution are always cold. Our business is not always so, tapes are harder to sell, we can sell something else. 
I turn the recorder on, two loudspeakers suddenly releasing the music.
Because the recorder is broken, poor sound quality, and beautiful songs from all broadcasting for all to break the Gong.
But the fat man and I do not feel bad, anyway, more than the two of us sound. Fat man after me a profound ideological and political work, the mood is cheerful, with the rhythm of the music OK shank, screeching voice cries: "take a look, take a look, RTHK's original cut arms-cut legs sale, were made at a loss......"
Passing traffic and doing business around the spot of the whole cast curious glances from us, next to us there was a stall selling antique man, came up to us and say hello, displayed big teeth in a smiling mouth. Big teeth out smoke, sent us a ring.
I took the cigarette to see: "Yo no low grade, United States tobacco, Marlboro. 
Big teeth to light my cigarette and say: "two statues, at the panjiayuan flea market selling pop songs, cut this city 49 no third person will want to come out, you are the first one. 
I took a gulp of smoke, spit out two white smoke out of the nose, which United States smoke is strong, I looked up and said to big teeth: "you don't bulldoze we our brothers is to avoid administration, inadvertently into here, go rest. 
Result, a winding mountain path, maybe it's not outsiders, big teeth on Hainan Island, when his dad that his generation is the people's Liberation Army to the South in the past, the home of the root is at the end of Mikano, say where you are from, older members of your family are a few vertical glyphs, which Division which, is never too far away.
But Daddy big teeth is not a cadre, and his dad is a folk craft people, later was caught by army sanctuary, battle of Xu clams, when is the Huai Hai campaign, his forces participated in the uprising of the PLA, who I have been employed as a cook in the army. Frozen leg in the Korean war, dropped a life-long paralysis, after reform and opening up, moved to Beijing from Hainan, collecting antique playing some small businesses.
Said not to listen to, he said nicely, what craftsmen, just a dig dug grave grave thief? These people do not come out, but I was brought up by my grandfather, he didn't give me these things.
Expert extended reach, he knows. Further to the depths of a theory, I asked big teeth: "your father did touch gold captain that year, have produced big dumplings? "" Zongzi "is a sentence in the argot of the popular Tomb Raider, like bandits in the mountains between conversation not directly said arson has a slang incision. Zongzi is the body was preserved in the Tomb, without rotting; touch the rice dumpling that is in trouble, zombies, goblins and the like are not clean things doing dumplings is an corpses rot in the grave leaving a pile of bones and meat dumplings, is that body is worth more.
Big teeth listening to these words, AWE to me immediately, not to invite me to eat mutton and fat Dong SI, in detail. And the three of them to pack their things, Dong SI.

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