Kamis, 13 Juli 2017

Dear Diary: Kemarin makan bektim: Paru (lung) 2, daging B2 (meat), usus besar (intestine)

Dear Diary : Kemarin tgl 12-07-2017 makan Bek Tim (/bekbek Tim/ Sekba) : 2 pieces Lung (/paru), one pieces pork meat (daging B2), one pieces boiled intestine (usus yang di rebus punya).

I eat this pieces cause there edema in left foot, this edema in left foot appears almost everyday recently after I get foot trauma when down from bus transjakarta who stop and not moveble in traffic jam  in the night a few years ago. I watching the left foot edema  not appear yesterday, for more sure it's the result I eat the lung, I would need few times to eat this bek tim(/bekbek tim/ Sekba) to proof there are medicate effect or no medicate effect

I eat the 2 pieces lung to push or disperse edema and phelgm in the body, after eat this in lunch and afternoon meal, I feel like my left foot pulsate and like be pull  up, like there string/ wire pulled up from my left foot, to kidney or back

The intestine certainly not feel anything about it maybe because I eat just one pieces intestine, diffrent then lung who i eat 2 pieces.

May planing next to eat pork kidney 2 pieces, pork lung 2 pieces, pork lever 2 pieced, pork blood 2 pieces and pork brain 2 pieces from this bek tim (/ bekbek tim/ Sekba)

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